19 photos that capture the essence of Deira Fish Market

The smell is the first thing that hits you as you arrive at the Deira Fish Market – the other immediate impression is how busy it is with hopeful traders and canny restauranteurs as well as Emiratis and old-school Dubai expats stocking up for family meals.

We visited the bustling market at 8.30am on a Thursday morning and here’s what we saw…



Men in official fish market shirts barter just outside the building (this was taken just before someone bought all the fish in the yellow bucket)


These guys help you carry your fish out if you’ve bought so much produce you don’t have the strength to hold it all. They’ll also help you with the wares you buy at the neighbouring fruit and meat markets

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The whole market is made up of rows and rows of ice trays full of plenty of types of fish. Traders seem to hold court over around two of the sinks each

deira-fish-market-18 A trader looks proudly over his just-prepared produce




deira-fish-market-14Just some of the fish and seafood on offer

deira-fish-market-6A man takes a break from filleting (which he was expert at)

deira-fish-market-13Weighing the fish for sale

deira-fish-market-12 deira-fish-market-11Roe and squid (the latter is particularly delicious)

deira-fish-market-10Fish market staff stand near the entrance to the seafood smorgasbord (you can see the meat market in the background)

deira-fish-market-9 Weighing up a very large fish on a super-old-school scale

deira-fish-market-8A seller spruiks a fish from Oman

deira-fish-market-5 A beautiful big piece of tuna that you can buy in steak form

deira-fish-market-4 Fish on ice

deira-fish-market-3A fishmonger leans on his knife as he waits for customers

deira-fish-market-2Dried fish, which is a source of a large portion of the stench in the market, stands to attention, ready for sale.

Fancy visiting the Fish Market yourself?

Here’s where you’ll find it: deira

Top Tip: Arrive early before temperatures rise and the smell becomes unbearable.
When: Daily 5am to 1pm and 5pm to 11pm.

Corniche Road, Deira, Dubai. Metro: Palm Deira Metro Station.