donald trump jr
donald trump jr

Donald Trump Jr opts for chicken nuggets over hummus on Dubai trip?


We’re here to ask life’s most important questions, folks…

When Damac chairman Hussein Sajwani shared this snap of himself and Donald Trump Jr having lunch in Dubai yesterday, most people focused on the caption, which reads:

“It was great having my dear friend and business partner Donald Trump Jr. over for lunch. Discussing new ideas and innovation always makes our meetings even more interesting.”

Are the Trumps going to do more business in Dubai? Bloomberg posited…

But when we saw this on Insta’, we could focus on one thing, and one thing only… was Jr eating a plate of chicken nuggets and fries, when also offered the glory that is hummus, tabouleh and Middle Eastern olives?

Did he especially request the nuggets? Pre-order them? Email ahead to indicate his tastes?

Or perhaps he did explore the mezze, but followed his moutabel up with a chaser of chicken nugget.

That’s right, we hone in on the big issues here. But seriously, just look at that glorious mound of tabouleh, untouched…

Because, I think we can all agree that hummus and tabouleh are both universally delicious, and so to opt for nuggets when Lebanese food is on offer is akin to insisting on polar-fleece when offered cashmere. Don’t even get us started on sujuk, babaghanoush, grills and spicy potatoes.

Trump Jr is the Executive Vice President of Development & Acquisitions Trump Organisation, and so is the person who explores the world for the company, finding new deals.

We guess this is a case of like father, like son…

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