sheikh hamdan instagram
sheikh hamdan instagram

21 photos that prove Sheikh Hamdan is the world’s most athletic royal


In celebration of his birthday, we decided to take a look back at some of Sheikh Hamdan’s most impressive feats…

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the Crown Prince of Dubai.

The 35-year-old is also an amazing cyclist, fisherman, diver, skydiver, adventurer and photographer.

That’s right, he does all of those things and he does them well, so we here at What’s On think he’s the most extreme Crown Prince the world has to offer.

Here are 21 Instagrams that prove it…

He doesn’t just swim in the ocean. He swims in the ocean in India with an elephant. While filming it.

#India Meet my new friend Rajan

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He doesn’t just sit in an airplane watching in-flight movies. He straps himself to planes and hangs out of choppers.

# ILoveUAE43 ❤️⚫️⚪️

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Good morning #Mydubai Good morning   A photo posted by Fazza (@ faz3) on

Taken From Above Shooting ByAli_bin_thalith Thank You #Tanzania   A Photo Posted By Fazza (@ Faz3) On

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When things go wrong, he deals with it like a pro and gets straight back up again…

He makes standing atop the world’s tallest building look simple and not frightening at all…

This flag used to be at the top .. and will remain peaks him. Congratulations   A video posted by Fazza (@ faz3) on

He also makes jumping out of planes – and doing multiple tricks – look as simple as riding a bike…

#mydubai ✋   A Video Posted By Fazza (@ Faz3) On

skydive_dubai   A Photo Posted By Fazza (@ Faz3) On

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He respects all sports…

We played today a friendly match with our brothers from the UAE team for persons with disabilities to basketball in order to effectuate the initiative of a community place for everyone .. with disabilities when given the opportunity, they are able to challenge the disability and to completely achievement as any individual in the community .. what confronted by our team today is nothing more than a simple glimpse of what are forced to confront our brothers every day, no different from us in something .. What Ahakqouna every day is a source of inspiration to me; they were right to insist our ideal and achievements, we are knights will. Today we played a friendly basketball match with the UAE Special Needs Team as part of the #mycommunity initiative. When people with special needs are given the chance, they rise above their disability & achieve & excel like everyone else. What our team faced today is but a fraction of what our brothers, who are no different to us, experience every day. Daily Achievements Are Their An Inspiration To Me, As They Show Us What Sheer Willpower And Persistence Can Achieve A Photo Posted By Fazza (@ Faz3) On

When he travels the world he experiences it on foot, and by bike…

Beautiful long day in #Oslo 9.6.2014 A photo posted by Fazza (@ faz3) on

When he takes to the water he’s also extreme…

#Hoverboard #Mydubai A photo posted by Fazza (@ faz3) on

And, well, he’s basically a Spartan…

x_dubai #xdubai #spartanrace 20.2.2015 A photo posted by Fazza (@ faz3) on

True confidence is the result of discipline and training

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