Update: You can apply online for a Certificate of Good Conduct


The Certificate of Good Conduct will be an essential part of the visa process from February 4.

If you’re moving to Dubai (or the UAE) for work next month, there’s a new document you’ll need to bring with you. A Certificate of Good Conduct, which is a police verification certificate, will become an essential pre-issued document for anyone who wishes to work in the UAE.

The rule will come into effect on February 4.

But to make the process simpler, Dubai Police have posted to their Twitter page that the application can be done online, through the Dubai Police website.

The link on the Dubai Police website also advises of the requirements, contact details and cost of the documents. An application for a UAE resident is priced at Dhs220, and for a non resident it is Dhs320.

The ‘certificate of good conduct’ should be issued by the country of origin of the person, or the country where he has been living for the past five years.

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Before an applicant can begin employment, they must also have the document certified by the UAE’s missions abroad. This can also be done at one of the country’s customer happiness centres upon arrival.

Explaining the reason behind the decision, the committee said the procedure is part of the UAE government’s efforts to create a more secure community. They added it will also contribute to making the country “one of the most peaceful in the world”.

It’s worth noting that dependents will not need to obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct. So if your family is coming to the UAE on your visa, they won’t need to get one issued.

The certificate also won’t be necessary for tourists or anyone who comes in to the UAE on a visit visa.

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