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Is it just us or does everyone in Dubai have a cold right now?

The cold is setting in for the season in Dubai – and so is the dreaded ‘drop in temperature’ flu…

Grumpy Old Raver

Navigating Dragon Mart, a mall the size of a small country

We navigate the thousands of shops that make up Dubai’s most bewildering, and yet also oddly delightful, mall – Dragon Mart.

Grumpy Old Raver

Why I can’t stand Pokemon GO

This week Hype’s Grumpy Old Raver suggests we all Pokémon STOP!

Grumpy Old Raver

Dubai in the eyes of a tourist: 10 first impressions

Hype’s Grumpy Old Raver looks at Dubai through fresh eyes (via her friend Jonathan).

Grumpy Old Raver

Love is in the air: A grump’s guide to Valentine’s Day

This week, Dubai’s very own Grumpy Old Raver takes on Valentine’s Day (and the bad gifts that often crop up as a result of said celebration).

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A very-Dubai problem: Jetlag

Is that the time? Don’t ask me, as right now I’m suffering from a common complaint for us Dubai folk. Jetlag.


The many joys (not) of Dubai cinemas

“People just love making as much noise as humanly possible in Dubai’s cinemas.”

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Grumpy Old Raver on the cold snap in Dubai right now

A single cold virus can have 16 million hardy little offspring within the course of a day and these little bruisers seem to be sweeping through Dubai right now.

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10 little things that are truly annoying

Watch out, because this week Dubai’s very own Grumpy Old Raver notes the things that consistently get on her nerves.

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When will we all be flying around with jetpacks?

Hopefully I’ll live long enough to see jetpacks become the size of a slim belt retailing on the high street for Dhs128.


Hype’s Grumpy Old Raver tries flowboarding

Hype’s Grumpy Old Raver tries flowboarding. Her thoughts? “While some aced it, we wobbled about like jelly in a hurricane.”

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When The Mothership lands in the desert

Living in the desert is “no excuse” apparently for having a fine film of dust on our balcony furniture so praise be that she’s never been here during a sandstorm, as she’d be off down Sheikh Zayed Road armed with her chamois to buff up the Burj Khalifa.

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On driving in Dubai for the first time

In a land of gas guzzling supercars and 4x4s, we opted for a car with an engine that’s fed petrol through a pipette, one tiny teardrop’s worth at a time.

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The Dubai guy pose: Part of the gang?

Lads, if you’re throwing these gang poses to look macho you’re a bit wide of the mark. They make you look about as hard as a wafer biscuit dunked in tea.

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The Dubai pose: An epidemic

With lightning speed, certain ladies in this town instantly adopt this pose at the mere sight of a photographer.