The world finals of the ‘GirlGamer Esports Festival’ will be streamed by 20 million people worldwide…

Get ready, the finals of the world’s largest festival dedicated to girl gamers is coming to Dubai this December, taking place at Meydan Grandstand.

Running from Thursday December 12 to Saturday December 14, the event will showcase the world finals of the ‘GirlGamer Esports Festival’, with prize pools of more than $100,000 (Dhs365,000) to be won.

The festival is being brought to the Middle East for the first time by Meydan One, the currently under construction retail and lifestyle destination at Meydan. The festival will host 45 players from around the world who will make up 9 teams, battling it out on CounterStrike Go and League of Legends to take the winners’ title.

Each team will include one local person from the region.

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The finals, which are open to finalists and judges only, are set to be held in Dubai for the next two years and are the result of a year long, six-stage competition that has attracted over 20 million live streams of the event in past years.

The GirlGamer Esports festival was created with a view to giving girl gamers a safe environment to grow and showcase their skills as well as tackling the gender equality stigma that comes with gaming, with the competitive industry mostly made up of men.

Paul Roy, CEO of the event’s local partners, Galaxy Racers Esports, told Gulf News: “Female gamers account for a third of some two billion gamers globally, and 40 per cent of all Esports viewership is female, but in terms of professional representation they make up less than 0.1 per cent.”

Those taking part in the finals have qualified in competitions all over the world this year, including Sydney, Seoul, Madrid and Sao Paulo. Previous finals of the GirlGamer Festival were held in Portugal and Macau.

It’s the second gaming festival to come to the Dubai this year, with the announcement that INSOMNIA, the UK’s biggest gaming festival is coming to Dubai in October, generating a big response from keen gamers in the region.

GirlGamer Esports Festival, Meydan Grandstand, Dubai, December 12 to 14.

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Images: Supplied / Facebook