No less than 1750 bikes and 750 docking stations will be introduced across the city in the next two years…

Are you looking to get a little more exercise on your daily commute? Well, soon you’ll be able to as Careem are set to launch smart bicycles and docking stations across Dubai.

Announced as part of a deal with Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), no less than 1750 bikes and 175 stations will be introduced in Dubai over the next two years. By year five, Careem expects to have up to 3500 bikes and 350 docking stations available across the city. A date for beginning to implement the new bicycle-pool system was not given.

Similar to the Santander Cycles (also known as Boris Bikes) in London, users will be able to hire and pay for the bikes using a Careem Bike app. Stations will be found in popular areas across the city including the Marina, Jumeirah, Dubai Water Canal, Deira, Al Khawaneej and Al Qudra.

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Other locations where the smart bikes will be stationed include the “safe roads” of four districts; Al Qusais, Al Mankhoul, Al Karama, and Al Barsha.

You’ll be able to hire a bicycle from one area, and then drop return it to the bicycle rack closest to your destination.

Careem’s smart system will connect the bikes together through GPS, allowing them to track each bikes locations and predict congested areas. They’re even doing their bit for the environment, with solar-powered bike racks connected to a wireless network.

It’s hoped that the new bikes will encourage Dubai’s residents to get active, finding alternative solutions to the metro and Dubai taxis, whether for work or for leisure and seeing the city.

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Image: Twitter