Prepare to lose yourself in this foodie’s paradise…

Does your idea of the perfect day involve getting lost in a food market, which invariably ends with you leaving laden with bags full of stuff you didn’t really need but just had to have?

If the answer is yes, you need to visit Depachika Food Hall which recently opened at Nakheel Mall. This isn’t just any old food hall though, this is a sophisticated foodie’s paradise crammed full of imaginative gourmet food offerings, small boutique eating areas and artisan gifts.

So what will you find at the Depachika food hall?

Headed there to dine? The 1762 Climbing Goat roastery dominates the central space, with cool bar seating that gives meeting up for coffee a New York-style edge. Sushi lovers can prop themselves in front of the counter at Salmontini Sushi Bar.

Some old Dubai favourites have been thrown in there too, for those that like to stick to what they know, with a Lime Tree Cafe, a 1762 Delicatessen, Kilikeo by Mythos and luxury tea spot, Damman Freres.


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The gourmet confectionary stands will have you lost for hours, from trying Turkish delight from Alfifa, to designing your own ice cream at Massimo’s Gelato or savouring innovatively crafted sweets from William DiCarlo. You can order bespoke cakes from Sugar Moo desserts or fluffy pastries from Madame Choux.

There’s a whole section dedicated to popcorn, and we’re not just talking your standard salted or sweet variety. No, this is gourmet any-flavour-you-can-think-of popcorn, from marble cake to Oreo, caramel to digestive Nutella and some savoury varieties too.


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Savoury and delicatessen vendors line the walls, tempting you over. The Cheese Room is a glass-fronted museum to be marvelled at, with shelf-upon-shelf of every cheese you can imagine, from gouda to brie and everything in between, whilst The Bakery dominates an entire wall loaded with fresh bread.

Pick up a range of independent products from Little Greece, scooping olives, nuts and seeds from huge wooden tureens or take fresh pasta home from Casa della Pasta. There’s even a cooking studio, named Mamalu’s Kitchen.

Other outlets include Lindt, Moishi, VShakes by Vitallea, Saj2Go, Monkey Cookies and so many more.

You might find you leave with your pockets a bit lighter, but trust us, it’s so worth it.

Depachika Food Hall, Nakheel Mall, Palm Jumierah, Dubai, 10am to 10pm weekdays, 10am to 12am weekends.

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