Cool treats to beat the summer heat…

With temperatures rising in Dubai, we all can do with a little help cooling off.

These spots in Dubai will deliver icy treats right to your door, so you don’t have to break out into a sweat just thinking about getting to the store.

Here are six top spots for home-delivered icy treats…

House of Pops

If you’re after a healthy icy treat, consider House of Pops. The fruit pops here are made from real fruit, are light, rich in fibre and free from preservatives, soy and gluten. They come in 13 different flavours including coconut, pineapple, watermelon, tropical, mango, and more. They cost Dhs20 a pop, or spend Dhs150 for the Happiness Box and get 10 pops of your choice.

House of Pops, available on Deliveroo, @HouseofPops


The Dubai-based gourmet ice cream cafe serves up some of the most memorable scoops we’ve seen. The ice cream is created using liquid nitrogen and the finest ingredients, including cream from Denmark, handpicked fruit, and Valrhona chocolate from France. And Scoopi will deliver this cool, delicious goodness in jar right to your door. There are 12 flavours available, such as Italian Nutella, strawberry, saffron pistachio, Lotus, and more. Each jar is priced at Dhs35. To place your orders call 052 804 7935. 

Scoopi Cafe, to place your orders call 052 804 7935. @ScoopiCafe

The Brooklyn Creamery

Starting out as a small New York dessert parlour, The Brooklyn Creamery is run by passionate ice-cream artisans whose mission is to develop guilt-free healthier desserts. The tubs contain 60 per cent less fat and half the calories of regular ice cream – but you wouldn’t know when you taste it.  Now produced here in the UAE,  the halal range contains no artificial flavourings, colourings or sweeteners. It’s available on Deliveroo in five flavours – the sea salt caramel and chocoholic varieites are particularly dreamy.

The Brooklyn Creamery, available on Deliveroo, @brooklyncreameryme



Originating in India, kulfi (or qulfi) is a frozen dairy dessert that’s the perfect summer pick-me-up.  Flavours from Kulfilicious include crowd-pleasers such as chocolate, butterscotch and coffee, but we reckon the standouts are the pistachio, rose, cardamon, cashew and paan paan – a post-meal treat for Indians. Order your kulfi in a cup or on a stick. They also have faloodas (pictured), a traditional cold dessert made with noodles and rose syrup that’s mouthful of a milkshake.

Kulfilicious, available on Deliveroo and Zomato, @kulfilicious_uae



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For fro-yo fans, Yoghurtland is the place for you. You can pick from flavours such as plain tart, vanilla bean, dutch chocolate and more, then add your favourite toppings from a range that includes Oreos, Nutella, sprinkles and more. Before you tuck in, nab a shot to add a spot of colour to your ‘Gram.

Yoghurtland, available on Deliveroo and Zomato, @YoghurtlandUAE

Pierre Marcolini


Belgian chocolatier Pierre Marcolini offer up delicious chocolates that you can gift or just enjoy yourself. Over summer, their offerings expand to include mouthwatering ice lollies and ice creams. You can get the ice lollies in their stores (which contain 65 per cent less sugar than a standard pop), or order their luscious ice creams on Deliveroo for Dhs25. Similar to their ice lollies, their ice cream is made using 86 per cent less sugar, while still offering sublime flavour combinations.

Pierre Marcolini, available on Deliveroo, @pierremarcolinimiddleeast

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