It’s easy being green…

Without sounding like the grinch, Christmas and the festive season is coming to an end. And, If you’ve had your live Christmas tree up for some time now, by now, it’s probably dropping a lot of needles, looking discoloured and emitting a musty odour. Sadly, this means it’s time for it to come down.

But, instead of simply disposing of it in the trash, opt to be sustainable and recycle it for free with Ace Hardware’s Tree-Cycle program. Ace Hardware and Yes Full Circle (a platform that supports people to become more sustainable) will take your tree and turn it into compost for you for absolutely no charge.

Why should you compost your Christmas tree? Well, it reduces littering, minimizes greenhouse gases and eliminates useable organic waste that is sent to landfills. Plus, if you have a garden at home or know of someone who has one – the compost can be used as fertilizer for plants.


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Here’s how it works…

If you live in Dubai, head to the Ace Hardware branch at Dubai Festival Plaza in Dubai Festival City to drop off you live tree for recycling. If you live in Abu Dhabi, head to the Yas Mall.

If your tree is still fresh and you want to keep it up for a while longer, don’t worry, you have time until January 16.

Remember, your tree needs to be completely clean, undercoated and of course real, for Ace Hardware to convert it into compost. For a medium-sized tree, you will merit a 1kg bag. And this will be done completely free of charge for you.

You will be asked to provide your contact details to the team and you will receive an email when your compost is ready to collect. Additionally, you will also get a 10 per cent garden and outdoor voucher.

The best news is that ANY real Christmas tree can be converted into compost, even if it’s not purchased from Ace Hardware.

For more information, head to this link here.

 Ace Hardware, recycle your Christmas tree at the Festival City branch in Dubai or Yas Mall branch in Abu Dhabi. Tel: (800) 275223, @alfuttaimace