Just in time for prime outdoor season…

Exploring the great outdoors taps into something primal within us. That back-to-basics (although not too basic please) experience feeds some elemental spirit and hits the F5 refresh button of our soul.

And right now, yes even with those wintery skies, is the perfect time to carry on glamping and celebrate the natural life. Convenient then perhaps, that Abu Dhabi has a new camping experience snug in the remote neigbourhood of Al Mugheirah, Al Mirfa.

It’s a Bab Al Nojoum run operation, the same team behind the luxury boho campsite on Hudayriyat Island which opened in November 2020. 

Al Mugheirah Resort is an eco-tourism destination surrounded by the green canopies and soothing sounds of a natural forest, this Abu Dhabi getaway could represent one of the best antidotes to city living in the region.

The experiences

If your motto for 2022 is ‘places not things’ you’ll have come to the right place. Al Mugheirah Resort exclusively offers enchanting rural escapades.

Try your green-fingered hands at tree planting, kite flying at dusk, fishing, horse riding, falconry, craft classes, snorkelling, mangrove exploration, farm trips, wildlife trails, hiking, biking, expert guided tours, alfresco yoga sessions, swimming, watersports, futsal, boardgames, and more.

In keeping with the thoroughly authentic eco themes, the resort hosts monthly beach/forest clean-up, allowing you to make your own deliberate contribution to a better world.

For food, you can of course do it all yourself at your cabin if you wish, or there are a number of ways to be catered for by the camp. There’s a cafe, another location for the 28 Degrees restaurant, or, for something really special — the camp organises Under the Open Sky dining experiences, where hosts take you to a secluded spot for a private, starlit, exotic food bbq.

The accommodation

Al Mugheirah Resort is all about minimal environmental impact. That being said, the camping units, well… They’re not too shabby.

One bedroom cabin

These boutique eco-friendly cabins come with a surprising amount of amenities. There’s a private plunge pool, deck with loungers, patio, fire pit (with grilling facilities and seating) and direct access to the leafy forest. Inside you’ll find a mini-fridge, one queen-sized bed, a private bathroom with premium toiletries, in-room wifi and temp controls. Priced from around Dhs638 per night (based on two adults).

Two Bedroom Cabin

These cabins offer a similar collection of features, they’re larger obviously and come with sleeping space for up to five people. The plunge pools here are located right outside on the deck. Priced from around Dhs1,114 per night (based on four adults).

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The Airstreams


These really are the presidential suites of the facility, Al Mugheirah Resort comes with a fleet of those nostalgia-inducing steel-pannelled, pill-shaped RV campers. A little slice of Americana pitched up in the Abu Dhabi outback. This form of lodging is fit for two, also comes with patio, decking, wifi, a queen bed, temp control and a mini-fridge. They have their own sunken patio and outdoor dining area. Priced from around Dhs683 per night (based on two adults).

Final thoughts

Bear in mind it is about a 90-minute drive from Downtown Abu Dhabi, but we’ve always believed the journey should always be part of the vacation.

Al Mugheirah, Al Mirfa. You can book this trip now at babalnojoum.com

Images: Bab Al Nojoum