Howling tips from The Big Bad Wolf himself…

If you didn’t already know, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale returns to Dubai this week.

The world’s biggest book sale returns for 11 days from April 14 to 24 and each day it will be open for 16 glorious hours from 10am to 2am. It is taking place at Sound Stages in Dubai Studio City.

Excited? Keep calm, take a deep breath and read on to get some of the top tips provided by the Big Bad Wolf himself.

Here are six tips to keep in mind when you visit the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale in Dubai: 

Comfortable shoes

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sales has a whopping one million books up for grabs with prices starting from just Dhs2. If you really want to make the most of it, ‘comfort’ is key so go fitted in your most comfortable shoes. (So, ladies no matter how great you look in those heels, leave them at home.)

Scrap the booklist 

One million books can be daunting… yes, even for bibliophiles. But, the Big Bad Wolf urges us not to create a list of books to look out for as this creates blinkers and you may miss out on so much that the sale has to offer. Instead, the Big Bad Wolf suggests shoppers to…

Take time to explore

lady looking at books

Now, we all have our favourite authors and yes, you can reach out to other books they have penned, but with one million book choices available, take your time and explore. You may just discover a new author or a genre you absolutely love and remember, the price tag allows you to try out new things. This brings us to…

When to visit…

It’s been two years since the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is taking place in a physical format, and needless to say, people in Dubai are excited. Therefore, you can expect plenty of crowds, especially after work hours. Now, if you’re the sort of person who needs breathing room, pick your visiting time accordingly. The venue is open until 2am so you can choose to get your shopping done at night, or if you don’t work a 9 to 6, you can visit in the morning when the crowds should be significantly less. Of course, you can always…

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Make repeated visits

big bad wolf dubai

Much like Expo 2020 Dubai (sorry, to bring it up) and Global Village, you can’t just see it all in a day. Similarly, multiple visits to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is also required (thankfully, it’s free entry) to make the most of it. This will also allow you to take your time and explore better, and come out with more goodies for your bookshelf. Oh, which brings us to…

Planning how you get home…

It’s common for visitors to think, ‘Oh, I’ll just buy one or two books…’. The Big Bad Wolf huffingly says, ‘Wrong!’. You think you will walk away with just one or two, but with deals ranging from 50 to 80 per cent, this may translate to one or two (or more) bags of books. Why not make it easier on your back and come prepared with some wheels (aka, a trolley bag) instead to carry your treasures home.

Hope these help and will see you there!


Images: Big Bad Wolf Dubai and Getty Images