There’s a while to wait..

If you feel like you missed out on an extra day off this weekend with Islamic New Year falling on Saturday, you might be wondering when the next public holiday is in the UAE. But we’ve not got good news for you, as there’s quite a while to wait.

So, when is the next UAE public holiday?

Under the direction of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the UAE Cabinet announced the public holidays for 2021 and 2022 back in 2020, which shows the next public holiday will be on the occasion of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on October 8.

However, this year, October 8 is a Saturday. So, it could mean that it’s just a regular two-day weekend in October.

Then when is the next public holiday?

After that, the next public holiday is the final one of the year – and it’s sure to be a four day weekend. Commemoration Day and National Day are December 1 and 2 respectively. These dates fall on a Thursday and Friday in 2022, so with Saturday and Sunday off we will enjoy a four-day weekend.

Image: Getty