These are our favourite things in the UAE right now…

Working up a sweat with… Lucky Punch


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If you’ve been following this feature for a while, you’ll know that I’m on a mission to lose weight this year. Although truthfully, we’re almost half way through 2023 and I haven’t made much progress. But what I have decided on and stuck to, is adding more exercise to my daily routine. This week, that meant attending the final Lucky Punch class of the season at Playa Beach Club. The Zurich-born fitness class fuses a silent-disco style workout with boxing and floor work, and takes over iconic locations all over the city. Stay tuned for their return dates in September. – Alice Holtham, Group Editor


Stayacationing the weekend away at… Caesars Palace Dubai

It was a wonderful treat last weekend to switch-up our weekends of wedding planning for a weekend escape at Caesars Palace. Because table planning is much better by the poolside, right? From our one bedroom suite, we had some lovely views over neighbouring beach club, Cove Beach, and ample space to spread out and relax. Despite the weather being a bit hit and miss, we loved an afternoon at Neptune Pool, sipping fresh coconuts and enjoying the lively tunes, and dined at Alvin Leung’s Demon Duck, which was a real culinary treat. I’m still dreaming of the signature sharing duck. – Alice Holtham, Group Editor


Taking a little tour through exclusive Abu Dhabi menu items at the new… BB Social Dining

I can’t remember the last time that news of a Dubai restaurant coming to Abu Dhabi, caused quite the level of *strained excitement noises​* as BB Social Dining. And after visiting the capital location, in the stylish foodie snug of Rosewood Abu Dhabi, I can happily say – those anticipatory squeals were fully justified. All the brand’s classy classics have made the journey to Al Maryah Island – and there’s a new batch of refined Asian menu items too. Of the new intake, the dim sum was our particular favourite. The pot stickers are just an unassailable joy to wrap chopsticks round. – Miles Buckeridge, Senior Online Reporter


Enjoying the outstanding sundowner views of… Above Eleven


Have you heard the phrase ‘paradox of choice?’ It’s a theory that, when you have to make a decision, with lots of potential options and outcomes (even if all of them are genuinely lovely) – it can lead to feelings of anxiety, behaviours like procrastination, and comments like “I don’t mind you choose”. Where to go for sundowners on Palm Jumeirah is a great case study for this theory. It’s overflowing with trendy bars, beachfront restaurants and tower top infinity pools , but we can save you the agony of indecision. Try Above Eleven, you’ll find it on the roof of the new Marriott Resort Palm Jumeirah, and it has stunning views over the JBR, Marina and Ain Dubai. The Latin-themed cocktail selection is scandalously good, as is the Peruvian-Japanese menu, and it’s all priced incredibly reasonably. – Miles Buckeridge, Senior Online Reporter


Dreaming about the chocolate brownies from…. Varak

I love chocolate, but was never much of a brownie fan… until I had a slice of the confection from Varak. The homegrown luxury patisserie brand sent What’s On a delivery of their best treats, and I was absolutely hooked on the brownies. I was impressed to learn that it was free from refined sugar, gluten free and dairy free, and was still delicious. They also sent over a tall mango trifle which was equally delightful and quite light, which of course meant I went in for two slices  no regrets.


Being super last-minute and booking my mani-pedi through… ServiceMarket

I’m always scrambling for time no matter how organised I try to be. Sadly, what always gets pushed down the list is self care. I go on a vacation next week and my nails are absolutely atrocious. But even though I know I’m running short on time, I knew I had to get it done. So, I decided to get the mani-pedi done at home through Service Market. I have used the app before and have never been disappointed, so it was my best option. I was even lucky enough to get snap up a discount – which was what technically sealed the deal for me. Goodbye cuticles!


Trying the dream-worthy new pizzas at…Il Café, Bulgari


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Earlier this week, we were asked if we’d like to try the new pizza menu at Bulgari Resort’s marina-side Il Café. It’s illegal to say no to a question like that. Isn’t it? Especially given the fact that Il Café is home to Rome-import Seu Pizza Illuminati which, for those who don’t know, is currently ranked at number 8 in the 50 Best Pizzas in the World. Starting this week, you can now try Rome’s creative pizzaiolo’s newest creations, from lobster bisque and caviar to anchovies and turnip tops. But even the classics will surpass anything you’ve ever tried before. What makes their pizza so good? The authentic fragrant dough with an airy and puffy crust, high-quality ingredients, and creative toppings are what make this pizza so dream-worthy. Standout dish: tuna tartare pizza with Stracciatella cheese and pistachio. – Tamara Wright, Online Reporter


Exploring Jumeirah’s endless hidden coffee shops at…Dips Café


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It’s pretty easy to get caught up the fast-paced Dubai lifestyle. But the city is more than supercars, flashy restaurants, sky high towers, expensive brunches, and malls. One of my favourite neighbourhoods in Dubai (and one of the oldest to exist), Jumeirah, is full of nature, wellness spots, local charm, beaches, and a quaint little coffee shop on every corner. This week, we stumbled upon Dips Café, a small but mighty coffee shop in Jumeirah 2 that serves Trio’s speciality coffee and matcha lattes in chic ceramic cups. We instantly felt miles away from the busy city. Here for more of the simple life in Dubai. – Tamara Wright, Online Reporter


Trying out the latest on the menu at… CE LA VI


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The menu has just been updated and CE LA VI, and the latest edition includes a selection of sushi along with a few new appetizers main dishes and of course dessert, all masterminded by executive chef Howard Ko. When we were invited to try it this week, everything impressed at this sky-high venue, but a standout to me was the Heirloom tomato salad: perfectly seasoned thin slices of beautiful tomatoes topped with a dried olive crumble and a light ponzu gelee. Onto the sushi, I am still dreaming about the wagyu beef nigiri, a bearnaise wasabi, makes it un-mis-steak-ably delicious. – Shelby Gee, Junior Reporter


Catching up with a friend over tres leches cake at… tashas café  


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Yet another new menu has graced us this week, tashas café has recently updated its menu and while I’m a big fan of all the new savoury additions in terms of flavour and concept, I can quite confidently say that the dessert stole my heart. Caramel and peppermint tres leches cake: a delightfully spongey cake, topped with a caramel mousse cream, sprinkled lightly atop the mousse – crumbles of peppermint crisp. Top that all off with a warm leche cream and you have yourself quite possibly one of the most delicious desserts in the city. – Shelby Gee, Junior Reporter  


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