Where to go to get your Al Baik fix in the UAE

Spicy nuggets, anyone?

When Al Baik opened its doors at Expo 2020 Dubai, it was a raging success which led the Saudi-born fried chicken brand to open up a number of branches all over the UAE.

If you’re not familiar with one of UAE’s favourite fried chicken, here’s a history lesson. The brand has operated in Saudi Arabia for almost 50 years, having first opened in Jeddah in 1974. It’s become the region’s most beloved fast-food brand and now has more than 100 branches across the Kingdom. And now, it’s spreading its wings in the UAE.

So, if you want your dose of Al Baik in UAE, here are all the spots to head to.


Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is special, not because it’s one of the biggest malls in the world, but because it was the first location of Al Baik outside of Expo 2020 Dubai. It opened in the summer of 2021 and you may remember seeing posts on social media showing off the long queues. Clearly, UAE can’t get enough of Al Baik.

Open daily 10am to 12pm 

Expo City Dubai

al baik expo city dubai

After Expo 2020 Dubai, Expo City Dubai opened its doors and possibly the one thing on everyone’s mind was, ‘Will Al Baik still be there?’ To answer your question, yes Al Baik can still be found in its original spot opposite the Saudi pavilion. When we last visited, not everything on the menu was available, but hopefully, you’ll find all your favourites if you visit now.

Open daily, 12.30pm to 9pm

Mall of the Emirates

Following its opening at Dubai Mall, Al Baik was quick to open its next branch at Mall of the Emirates. That still didn’t stop the queues though. So, if you’re hungry after your MOE shopping spree, head to Al Baik – you can find it next to Shake Shack.

Open daily 10am to 12pm 

Al Baik drive-thru – Rashidiya

Al Baik drive-thru

Al Baik, has opened its very first drive-thru restaurant in the UAE at the EPPCO petrol station in Al Rashidiya. The new spot will feature a limited items menu including some of the brand’s signature items. Crowd favourites include spicy fried chicken, shrimp, and falafel. What’s more? Cars won’t need to queue up to order as customers will be able to order and pay via an app.

Al Baik, EPPCO petrol station, Al Rashidiya, open daily 10am to 2am 

Al Nahda Union Co-op


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If you’re a fan of Al Baik and live in Al Nadha in Dubai, you’ll be thrilled to know that Al Baik has opened its doors at Al Nahda Union Coop. This is the ninth branch to open in the UAE. Heading to Sharjah and want to make a pit stop? This is the place to grab your grub.

Al Nadha, Union Coop, open daily 9am to 2am.

Abu Dhabi

Al Wahda Mall

al baik abu dhabi

Fans of Al Baik have asked (and pleaded), for an outlet in the capital, and finally, Al Baik opened its doors in the capital at Al Wahda Mall at the end of December 2022. This branch is the largest branch of Al Baik in the UAE, with 9,500 square feet of space dedicated to the capital fast food joint.

Open daily 10am to 12pm 


City Centre Ajman

al baik ajman

After opening its branches in Dubai, Al Baik teased fans of a branch opening in another city, and we all were genuinely surprised when Ajman was announced. The branch is located next to Mado Restaurant opposite the Nike store on the ground floor of City Centre Ajman.

Open daily, Sat to Thur 10am to 12pm, Fri 8am to 12pm


Al Majaz Waterfront

al baik

Hot on the heels of new openings in Dubai and Ajman, the beloved Saudi fried chicken brand, Al Baik teased us with an expansion into yet another emirate – the cultural capital, Sharjah. But, there was a spicy twist (read below). The branch in Al Majaz opened in August 2022 and if you’re planning on visiting, remember, the lakeside park is already quite popular, so if you have dinner plans, leave well in advance to fill your tummy according to your dinner time.

Open daily 10am to 1pm 

City Centre Sharjah

Right, remember the twist we spoke about above? When Al Baik announced it was opening in Sharjah, it perked up ears by announcing that it would be opening up not one, but two branches in the city. The hoarding was first spotted by eagle-eyed residents in City Centre Sharjah which opened its doors in October.

Open daily, Sun to Thur 10am to 10pm, Fri and Sat 10am to 11.30pm 

Even though there are now a total of eight branches currently open in the UAE, Al Baik has hinted that there are probably more on the way. Maybe it will be a second branch in Abu Dhabi, or maybe it will venture out to Ras Al Khaimah or Fujairah? You can be sure we are keeping our eyes and ears peeled for any new information.

Opening soon


Al Baik Satwa

Photo credit: What’s On

While we were out and about in Dubai, we came across the logo and signature red board in one of Dubai’s oldest neighbourhoods, Satwa. At the moment, we don’t have an opening date for the new branch on Al Diyafah Street but, judging by the photo we snapped up, it looks like it will open its doors in the next month or so. We are keeping an eye on it and as soon as it is open, you’ll be the first to know.

Al Ain Mall

@danwaysmenu Soon to open Al Baik Al Ain Mall #albaik #albaikalain #alain #alainmall #uae #friedchicken #fyp #danwaysmenu🇵🇭 ♬ original sound – TED

During our hunt for Al Baik updates in May earlier this year, we also came across a video shared by TikTok user @danwaysmenu that shows the classic red Al Baik hoarding in Al Ain Mall. In the video, the TikTok user shared that Al Baik will soon be opening its doors in Al Ain Mall. The hoarding with the iconic golden top hat logo reads ‘Soon…’. Judging by the video shared, the branch looks to be one of the biggest in the UAE. It will be located on the second floor of the mall in the food court. At the moment, the announcement of Al Baik opening in Al Ain Mall has not been shared on the restaurant’s official social media account but we are keeping an eye on any annoucements.