The announcement comes as a hotly-anticipated development for the capital…

Abu Dhabi Airports has just announced that its highly-anticipated Terminal A building will open for operations in early November this year.

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Popularly referred to as the Midfield Terminal during its construction phase and featured most recently in the newest addition to the Mission: Impossible production, the sprawling aviation facility will incorporate the latest tools and technical advancements such as interconnected biometric systems. These will drive a seamless, digitised journey for travellers from pre-travel to boarding, and will additionally include streamlined security checkpoints and state-of-the-art baggage handling systems to smoothen the flying experience for you.

In addition to becoming yet another architectural marvel here in the capital, the Midfield Terminal has the potential to transform the local aviation ecosystem, underscoring Abu Dhabi’s status as one of the best connectivity hubs on the planet.

Fast Facts

The Midfield Terminal will cover a total area of 742,000 square metres, tremendously adding to the existing facility’s passenger and cargo capacities. Once inaugurated, Terminal A will be able to accommodate a dizzying 45 million passengers annually, 11,000 travellers per hour and operate 79 big birds at once.


Powered by international award-winning architecture and modern aesthetics, the building’s glass exterior maximises natural light. In line with the UAE’s continued sustainability push, Terminal A will also feature energy-efficient lighting, advanced Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems and has used sustainable materials in its construction.

If you’ve heard the term ‘sustainability’ going around a lot in the capital lately, it’s because the emirate is leaving no stone unturned. The Terminal A building will underscore Abu Dhabi’s commitment to limiting its carbon footprint, as a fully-integrated solar photovoltaic system on its parking garage’s roof currently powers a three-megawatt solar photovoltaic plant. That in itself savesnearly 5,300 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

Passenger Experience

In a world of increasingly experience-focused fliers, the Midfield Terminal will also feature passenger lounges, relaxation areas and spas, in addition to a total of 163 retail and dining outlets, to ensure you’re well-stocked and your energy levels are optimal as you fly around the globe.