The enticing pull of easy travel…

Hands up if you’re overdue for a holiday. Who doesn’t love to jet-set away to lavish spots – visiting the worldly wonders of nature and man. A beautiful country and the right itinerary can make your vacation experience memorable but what will make it even better is no-fuss travelling. Visas on arrival sound like every anxiety-ridden traveller’s dream, and we’re happy to let you know that several gorgeous locations around the world provide just that.

Please note: Because border policies can change at any time without notice, although this information is correct at the time of writing, we’d strongly advise you to double check entry requirements relating to your specific passport for your destination before any travel.

Here’s a list of 9 places to consider for your upcoming travel plans this summer.


Georgia has been a recent favourite for the UAE outbound tourist collective, with its attractive exchange rate, cooler temps. Euro vibes and comparatively less expensive trips. The spot is full of natural beauty and rich historical architecture, and the best part is, residents of the UAE with a valid residence visa can cross the Georgian border visa free and stay in the country for 90 days. All you have to do is present your valid permit with travel document at your time of entry.



This glorious archipelago nation issues visas on arrival to all incoming travellers as long a they have a valid return ticket to their place of residence. Of course, some entry requirements are in place, like proof of pre-paid accommodation in the country and enough money to cover your stay. The important thing to note: no one is permitted to enter into or exit from Seychelles except with the written authorization of the Ministry of Health.



Several nationalities are eligible to receive a visa on arrival in Armenia, including UAE, Lebanese, Jordanian and South African citizens. Most recently, a visa waiver program put in place by a collaboration between the UAE and Armenian governments now allows Indian citizens with a valid UAE residency visa to get an Armenian visa on arrival provided your passport has at least six months of validity left.



Everyone’s bucket list vacation destination is open to visitors of all nationalities, issuing 30-day visas on arrival at no added cost. But of course, you need to satisfy the eligibility criteria to clear immigration on arrival. This includes a valid travel document, a return ticket, paid for accommodation and sufficient funds for your stay.


Residents of the UAE with a valid residency visa will be given visas on arrival. All you have to do is present said travel document with the valid visa and you will be granted a 30-day stay in the country. But if you plan to stay out the whole 30-day period,  you’ll need to register at the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan for stays longer than 15 days.



Home to the magnificent Himalayas, Nepal issues visas on arrival to most nationalities. Different types of visas will cost you different amounts. 15-day visas cost Dhs110, a 30-day one costs Dhs190 and a 90-day permit costs Dhs460. Something to note: Indian citizens do not a require a visa for entry into Nepal, no matter where they fly from. All you have to do is prove your nationality.


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Mauritius is another picturesque island nation that issues visas on arrival or admits entry without a visa for almost all nationalities. Check out the full list here. If your nationality requires a visa to be issued on arrival, you must meet the eligibility criteria. This includes a valid passport, of which the expiry date is beyond the intended period of stay, a valid return ticket, a confirmed booking for accommodation and if being sponsored by a Mauritian citizen, evidence of sponsorship, including their name, address, profession, relationship, national identity card number and telephone number. You must show enough funds to cover your stay (Dhs367 per night). You must also take a pledge not to engage in any profit-making activities.


Our lovely neighbours issue visas on arrival to residents of all GCC countries and visa-free entry for 14 days. Getting to Oman is all but a road trip away, with a two-hour drive to the border and a few more hours into the capital city of Muscat. The country is rich with natural beauty and tucked away corners of history, heritage and more. Just make sure your residence visa has a validity of three months or longer.


visa free Kenya

As part of a bid to boost their already bouyant tourism industry, this stuning East African country recently opened up its borders by dropping its visa requirements. You’ll still have to apply for an ‘Electronic Travel Authorisation’ ahead of time (though many online sites claim to offer the service, there is only one official website that can process the service for you,, but the whole process has been dramatically streamlined and is open to almost all travellers (including UAE residents). What to see when you get there? The Masi Mara is amongst the best spaces on the planet to watch David Attenborough-flavoured moments like the Great Migration (July to October) and ticking off ‘The Big Five’, to see perilously endangered species such as the white rhino, and experience some of nature’s most beguiling predators live beyond the bars of a zoo. Plus with some gorgeous beach destinations along the coast (for example, Mombassa), you can twin your safari adventure with a bit of chill time too.

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