Something to look forward to…

We had to say goodbye to Global Village UAE at the start of May 2024 due to the summer season. But, the good news is… the farewell is only temporary. Every year, the region’s leading multicultural family destination reopens over winter and we can expect a grand reopening to take place in October 2024.

Last year, Global Village UAE opened on October 18, which was a week earlier than it usually reopens. We have to wait for a few months more to get the official dates, and What’s On is keeping a close eye on any announcements, so stay tuned.

Global Village Dubai

Global Village remains open for around six months, so there is ample time to tick off all the things on your ‘GV bucket list’. Each season, the attraction receives millions of visitors – both visitors and residents alike, who fall in love with the park’s vibrant atmosphere, shows, food stalls, and unique shopping opportunities. In the season that has just gone by, a new record was set with the park welcoming a whopping 10 million visitors.

Does Global Village UAE change every year?

Globa village

The short answer… Yes! Global Village reveals new attractions every season so there is always something new and fresh to see. At the moment though, it is still a little early for any announcements for the upcoming season, but we will let you know as soon as we know.

But it isn’t just new attractions that keep the visitors returning. Many visitors head to the attraction more than once during the season’s run. And for good reason.

Global Village is home to plenty of country pavilions from around the globe, each offering up cultural treats from their country. You can either walk home with shopping bags packed with items from clothing, accessories, perfumes, souvenirs and so much more, or you can enjoy the delicious cuisine. Many pavilions even put on cultural performances so you can enjoy a show while you dine.

floating market Global Village UAE

For even more food options, there’s Happiness Street, Railway Market, the Floating Market and the Road to Asia where several fantastic countries including Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, and more represent themselves.

For more on the attraction front, Global Village also has other attractions including House of Fear – said to be the region’s scariest haunted house experience with live actors, a Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, a carnival with a Ferris wheel and other thrilling rides and games, and more.

Last year, a fun mini-golf attraction was added to the attraction’s list plus Mini World which showcases the world’s most iconic attractions (in a miniature version, of course).

Besides entertainment at the pavilions, there are shows on the main stage, Cyber City Stunt Show (a performance with flying bikes, LED-covered police cars and a tank), plus roaming entertainment.

We can’t wait to see what Global Village UAE has in store for us for the new season! Stay tuned.


Images: Global Village UAE