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Adho Andha Paravai Pola [Tamil]


Anitha, a young woman is lost in the jungles at the foothills of the western ghats. She wanders through the dense of the jungles with no hopes of getting out. Her pursuits through the wild terrain puts her through many adventurous moments and even facing some wild animals and insects along her way. She later meets up a young boy who had come to jungles to get some fruits and honey for his house. She tells him that she had come for trekking with her friends and has lost them. She seeks his help to get out of the jungles. He offers to help her get out of the jungle. On the way they meet a forest watcher Bhoopathi who guides them out in safety. Through their continued journey they meet up many people, everybody wanting to take advantage of the situation they have in hand. Knowing Anitha is in the jungles a group of men headed by Prathap come looking for her. How Anitha and the boy overcome these challenges, and safely get out to their respective homes, the boy’s village and her home forms the story..

Amala[أمالا] Paul[بول] Ashish [أشيش] Vidyarthi [فيديرثي]


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City Centre Shindagha - Dubai | Dubai
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Cinema 2
Cinema 7