Ahlam Alasr [Arabic]


(Abdulsamad) A retired football star, notorious and oppressed by the media, cooperates with his daughter (Ahlam) in an opportunity to take revenge on the social media portal. They find an opportunity to work with (Alaa) and (Hakeem), the most famous PR agents for influencers and talents in the country. Together, they work on marketing the largest real estate projects that increases their greed, and with the passage of events, more hidden truths are revealed, and the more Abdulsamad and Ahlam dive into the dream of fame and stardom, the greater their involvement.

Fatima [ فاطمة ] Albanawi [ البنوي] Ismael [اسماعیل ] Alhasan [ الحسن] Hakeem [حكيم ] Jomah [جمعة] Njm [نجم] . Sohayb [صهيب] Godus [قدس]


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Yas Mall - Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi | UAE
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Cinema 8