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Nahas XLarge [Arabic]


The Emirati comedy Nahas XL follows Saeed, who can only be described as extremely unlucky and completely jinxed. The film trials his misfortunes which seem to impact everyone around him, often with hilarious consequences. Saeed brings trouble wherever he goes but refuses to accept his bad luck, instead he believes that things will get better, much to the detriment of his family and friends.

Saif [سيف ] Al-Ghanim [الغانم] Ali [علي ] Al-Taher [العلوي -علاوي] Mohammed [محمد ] Al-Alawi [العلوي] Kadee [كادي ] Al Qaisi [القيسي ] Haya [هيا ] Al-Qaidi [القايدي]


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Mall of the Emirates - Dubai | Dubai
Marina Mall - Abu Dhabi - Abu dhabi | Abu dhabi
City Centre Ajman - Ajman | Northern Emirates
City Centre Mirdif - Dubai | Dubai
City Centre Fujairah - Fujairah| Northern Emirates
Mercato - Dubai | Dubai
Al Hamra Mall - Ras Al Khaimah - Ras Al Khaimah | Northern Emir
Yas Mall - Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi | UAE
Nation Towers - Abu Dhabi - Abu dhabi | UAE
Al Jimi Mall - Al Ain | Al Ain
The Galleria Al Maryah Island - Abu Dhabi| Abu Dhabi
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