Ramsis Paris [Arabic]


Renault, a French Mafia leader, is trying to smuggle a cargo of contraband into the Egyptian market, but he fails because of the vigilance of the Egyptian police, so he casts a spell through an African magician to hide the cargo and he succeeds. Part of this cargo and spell reaches one of the heroes of the film before the police arrest him. The salvaged part of the spell remains within our hero's skin. He exploits the spell along with his friends to appear in Paris and through a series of action-driven comedic events ends up attempting to steal the Mona Lisa from the Louvre.

Mohammed [محمد] Tharwat [ثروت] Mohamed [ محمد ] Sallam [ سلام ] Mostafa [ مصطفى ] Khater [ خاطر ] Hamdi [ حمدي ] Al Marghani [ المرغني ] Mahmoud [محمود] Hafez [حافظ] Haifa [هيفاء] Wehbe [وهبي]


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