Here are 8 gifs that sum up the quirks of the Dubai summer


It’s warm. You don’t need us to tell you that.

So for while you’re indoors, spending what is probably far too much time on your computer, we’ve thrown together a gif-list of some of the all-too-relatable problems that come with the scorching Dubai summers.

#1. When you forget to put on flip flops around the pool.

hot feet

Ouch, ouch, ouch. 


#2. Those first few seconds after turning on the AC in a hot car.

dubai summer

‘My sweat’s so cold… am I feverish?!’ 

#3. But then you get all Beyonce wind machine on it down Sheikh Zayed Road…


‘Turn the dial to max petal, it feels so good!’ 

#4. When you forget that the cold wash is now actually the hot wash.


Just a touch of shrinkage. 

#5. Oh, and don’t forget, light grey shirts are off limits for at least three months.


As are baby blue, mint green. Well, any pastel. 

#6. Trying to woo a client at a midday out-of-office meeting in a hard-to-park suburb.

dubai gifs

‘Great, would love to meet, do you have underground parking?’ ‘No.’ *Hangs up*

#7. Here’s you picking up your phone after leaving it on the sun lounger.


‘My iPhone is a weapon!’ 

8. Oh, and here’s one for those of you who wear prescription glasses.

dubai summer

Every. Single. Time. 

But don’t worry. In the words of Jon Snow – winter is coming.


That said, don’t let anyone tell you September’s when it gets better. September = Sweatsville. October’s where it’s at.

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