Be your own captain by joining this Dubai boat club


Sponsored: Learn how to drive a boat and get unlimited access to the fleet when you join Xclusive Boat Club…

Do you ever admire the pristine white yachts lined up along Dubai Marina and dream about what it would be like to own one?

For most of us, it’s out of reach – especially when you take into account the costs of registration, berthing, insurance, cleaning and general maintenance.

But what if we told you that you could pay a monthly fee and enjoy all the perks of owning a boat, without any hassle?

If that floats your boat, you need to know about Xclusive Yachts. You might already recognise them as one of the main yacht charter companies in Dubai Marina. They recently launched the Xclusive Boat Club, which gives members unlimited access to their fleet of boats up to 40ft.

The boat club has a 5:1 member to boat ratio, which means you’re always guaranteed a boat – even on weekends.

New to the #boatlife? Your joining fee includes Royal Yachting Association training with the in-house Xclusive Sea School, and when complete, you’ll receive your international boating certificate. The team will also make sure you’re comfortable operating any type of boat.

And there are a lot to choose from – the fleet includes boats that can be used for fishing, wakeboarding, surfing, and obviously cruising.

How much does it cost? Xclusive Boat Club has a one-time joining fee of Dhs15,000, and a monthly membership fee of Dhs2000. Which is a pretty good deal compared to the cost of actually owning a boat – it is estimated you can save around Dhs9000 a month by belonging to a boat club.

Xclusive Boat Club also offers rewards valued at Dhs30,000 upon joining, including luxury yacht charters, dinner cruises, guided tours, yacht share tours and the RYA boating certificate. You’ll also get to belong to a cool community of boat enthusiasts, with plenty of regular events for members and their friends and families.

What are you waiting for? We’ll see you on the water…

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