This stylish hotel on The Palm has two brilliant brunches


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When it comes to brunch, there are three main elements we want it to have: delicious food, a festive atmosphere, and the opportunity to dress up a little bit fancy. The three ‘Fs’, if you will.

Well, we’ve found a brunch that ticks all the boxes. Every Friday, Dukes Dubai on The Palm hosts a ‘Best Dressed Brunch’ at its Great British Restaurant (GBR), with a free overnight stay awarded to the guest who makes the most effort with their attire.

That might sound intimidating, but in true British spirit, it’s a jolly good show. After all, who doesn’t love getting glammed up every once in a while? Plus, the hotel is seriously beautiful, so you’ll want to be looking your best for all the photos you’ll be posting to Instagram.

There are loads of dishes to choose from, with everything from fish ‘n’ chips to curries on offer, but we recommend sticking to the classic British roast with all the trimmings. Oh, and save as much room as you can for the dessert station – the sticky toffee pudding is glorious.

The Friday Best Dressed Brunch costs Dhs399 per person including house drinks, and takes place from 1pm to 4pm.

Looking for something on a Saturday? Be sure to check out the Dukesy Family Brunch, which takes place in the award-winning West 14th steakhouse. Expect live cooking stations and BBQ, a live band, and plenty of entertainment for the little ones.

The Dukesy Family Brunch runs from 1pm to 4pm and costs Dhs315 per person for the soft package, or Dhs399 including house drinks. Children aged six to 12 pay Dhs160.

Which brunch will you be booking?

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