Planning a party at home? Here are some top tips from Our Table UAE…


Sponsored: Our friends at good are here to show you why staying in is the new going out…

Does fine food, great drinks and brilliant conversation sound like your idea of a good time? You’re not the only ones.

For one night in November, our friends at good magazine got together with a bunch of Dubai’s top creatives to celebrate Our Table UAE – a new dining community that’s all about sharing experiences around the dinner table.

Hosted at the Lakehouse Villa, the event was styled by Jessica Roberts of The Supper House, with flowers from Florette and candles from Wallace & Co.

Acclaimed chef Gohei Kishi of Ramusake created a delicious menu of premium beef from Prime Gourmet using Stockyard Black Label wagyu tenderloin tartare, Kiwami by Stockyard wagyu striploin tataki, Stockyard Gold Label Anus oyster blade and skirt, and Kiwami by Stockyard wagyu beef ribeye.

Each dish was enhanced by luxurious ingredients from Prime Gourmet, including truffles from the Truffle Man and Calvisius-Tradition caviar, and perfectly paired with wines from Jacob’s Creek.

Here’s how the event went down:


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 Keen to host your own? Abhinav Dewan from Our Table UAE shares some top tips to hosting a successful event…

What are the essentials when hosting a party at home?

AD: Jacob’s Creek grape, good food and good friends: these, in my opinion, are the key to any great house party. All my parties around food and grape pairings, and when you add to that meeting new people and having some interesting conversations, you get a memorable evening; especially in a place like Dubai where you meet people from all over the world. And for the decor, creating a beautiful setting always sets the mood for a good night. People get a bit giddy when they walk in somewhere that looks different to a regular dinner party. Nothing over the top, but something warm that feels approachable and authentic to the host’s personality. To be honest, it’s one of the reasons I love Our Table so much because it’s about bringing all these elements together. Experiences like food, fun and grape tastings or games, depending on the group, always add a little something extra to a dinner party!

What’s the secret to pairing food and drink?

AD: Food and drink pairings can be as complicated or as simple as you make it. There are certain guidelines like the classic white meat with whites and ret meant with reds, but I think the trick is to match flavour with flavour. So, if your dish has asparagus and capsicums, try it with a Sauvignon Blanc. You’ll never go wrong following the universal pairing suggestions because all our palates work differently, it’s always fun and rewarding to keep experimenting.

What’s your favourite food and drink pairing and why?

AD: Oysters and Jacob’s Creek sparkling. The first time I tried it, I couldn’t believe how simple and effective the pairing was. About a year ago, I learnt that bubbles pair with almost everything and so far, it hasn’t been proven otherwise to my palate.

Do you always serve white grape straight from the fridge, and red grape at room temperature?

AD: This depends on a few things. For instance, usually reds would be served at room temperature but certain light reds can benefit from some time in the fridge. For a more serious tasting, I would not chill the whites too much, as this hides the aromas and lowers the intensity. It depends on the grape variety, the environment and the person.

Tell us about your ideal dinner party with Our Table UAE?

Our Table UAE is all about meeting people around good food and good grape, so my ideal party would be one where each guest has a few known friends around but also makes a couple of new ones by the end of the evening! I’d serve the Jacob’s Creek Le Petit Rose, a Riesling, a Pinot Noir and a Cabernet Sauvignon. And my dream would include sushi rolls, beef tartare and lamb chops.


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