When is the next public holiday in the UAE? Here’s a guide…


There’s only one public holiday left this year, and it’s already confirmed which days off we’ll have…

After Islamic New Year fell on a Saturday, to the disappointment of many, you’re probably wondering when the next public holiday in the UAE will be. And we’ve got news for you – the final public holiday of the year is already confirmed.

Federal Authority For Government Human Resources (FAHR) has amended the previously announced public holidays for both public and private sectors. Originally Commemoration Day was planned for December 1 2019, but has now been revised to November 30 2019.

This means that it’s unlikely that we’ll now have a five day weekend. Those who typically enjoy a Friday, Saturday weekend will now return to work on Sunday December 1, and then enjoy two days off on Monday December 2 and Tuesday December 3 for UAE National Day.


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The public holiday for UAE National Day will still take place on Monday December 2 and Tuesday December 3. December 2, 2019 marks 48 years since the UAE was formed, celebrating the unification of the seven emirates in 1971.

FAHR has also added a previously-absent holiday to mark the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday. It will be observed on the 12-Rabi al-awwal-1441, which is expected to fall on Saturday, November 9. So, it doesn’t look like we’ll get a day off for this public holiday.

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