Life in Dubai can move at 100mph, as work and social follow each other seamlessly from one day to the next without a moment’s pause. So there’s very little ‘you time’, and sooner or later those things catch up with you. Luckily What’s On is here to help with a special three-part series designed to help you restart your life.

Follow the advice of The Clinic’s Dr Karim Fekih.

• Quit smoking
• Book an appointment with your dentist for an oral hygiene assessment. The assessment will involve checking for cavities, which could be the source of food stagnation, as well as stains, plaque and tartar
• Book an appointment with your dentist for a deep scale and polish, which should solve 75 per cent of bad breath issues
• Clean your teeth and tongue at least twice a day
• Floss daily or, even better, after every meal

The Clinic, Gate Village 7, DIFC, Dubai
Tel: (04) 3230900. Metro: Emirates Towers.
Sun to Thur 8am to 8pm, Sat 9am to 6pm.

Visit Dubai Hypnotherapy.

If you want to kick the evil weed, a session of hypnotherapy with Yvonne Morgan could be the answer. “People must be committed,” she says. “They have to realise that giving up is something they must do themselves. I can help, but I can’t give up for them.”

You have to book an appointment yourself, or Yvonne won’t treat you. Once you have committed to quitting, don’t expect her to click her fingers and make you fall into a deep sleep. “In a clinical situation, patients are relaxed,” she explains. “Then we bypass the conscious mind and access the unconscious mind, which runs our habits and emotions. Suggestion is made to the unconscious mind, which is the most receptive part. That’s what advertising aims at: our emotional, unconscious mind. It runs our habits.”

Dubai Hypnotherapy, Concord Tower, Media City
Tel: 0555567485. Metro: Nakheel.
Sun to Thur 4pm to 7am, Fri and Sat 10am to 1pm, Dhs 1,200 to Dhs1,500.

Breathing slowly and deeply creates a calm and serene state of mind, says Golden Eagle Martial Arts’ tai chi authority, Master John Duval.

How to clear you head with kapalabhati breathing Sit cross-legged. Lift your chest up. Relax your shoulders and stomach. Snap your stomach in as hard as you can – as if you’ve been punched in the stomach – and let the air rush out of your mouth. Then inhale air into your stomach, not your chest, and exhale by snapping your stomach again in the same way. Repeat 60 times.

Yoga instructor Sabine Stix at RAWR Yoga, 713, 7th floor, Concord Tower, Media City, Dubai
Tel: (04) 4232808.

Does receiving a party invite make you want to rip it up and hide in the cupboard? It’s time to stop being a wallflower and charm people with your wit and flair. Here’s how…

Chitchat: Have some conversation openers ready to break the ice. If you’re at an event, ask someone if they’re enjoying it. Keep it simple.
Body talk: Maintain eye contact and smile to make a positive first impression. Use open body language – don’t cross your arms.
All ears: Listen to the person you’re talking to, ask them questions, show interest
Hold on: Having a drink in your hand to keep your hands busy can be helpful.
Calm down: Enjoy yourself – and don’t forget to breathe!

So Famous, Loft Office Building 3, Entrance B, Dubai Media City, Studio 405
Tel: (04) 4519160.

Too much to do and too little time is a problem of the modern age. Life coach Shana Kad can help you become more productive.

Get organised: Set time aside every day to get those little jobs done. Keeping up to date with the small stuff will make bigger jobs easier.
Write it down: When you remember to do something make a note of it immediately. This will clear your thoughts and develop a clear picture of the steps that need to be taken to complete the task.
Make a list: Don’t make a list that’s long and daunting – and make it simple. Section your list into urgent tasks on the top and less pressing matters towards the bottom. Tasks that look easy to complete will be much easier to go towards.
Make it fun: When it comes to tasks that you don’t enjoy, implement as much joy into them as possible. For example, if you have a stack of filing to do, make yourself comfortable, play some music, make yourself a drink and then get started.

Shana offers life-coaching sessions at The Montgomerie Golf Club, Emirates Hills, Dubai
Tel: (050) 6744793