Laura Coughlin, Head of Content

Laura Coughlin is a food obsessed journalist who proudly heads up the editorial team at What’s On. When not eating – or writing about eating – you can find her either desperately trying to burn calories at some workout or another, or teaching her desert dog, Roofus, some much-needed manners.

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Alice Holtham, Group Digital Editor

Alice’s textbook Dubai love story began in 2015, and seven years later she still can’t get enough of the city. Her main interests include trying to guess where Sheikh Hamdan is dining next, attending every Jason Derulo performance in Dubai, and avoiding anything that requires getting out her adventure shoes.

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Elise Kerr, Deputy Editor

When not trying out new restaurants or researching the next big TikTok trends, you’ll find Elise listening to podcasts about business and personal growth, practicing her photography skills, or illustrating on an iPad. After 5 years in Dubai, she’s still as in love with the city as when she first arrived — there’s always something new to experience.

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Miles Buckeridge, Online Reporter

If it involves half remembered podcasts, burgers, 3am discussions on the profundity of the universe, Steve Irwin, movies, spirit animals, hypothetical ‘would you rathers’, sci-fi, hip hop, Family Guy quotes, impressions, strong opinions on 90s kid’s shows, sunset beach bars, the life and works of Russell Brand, peroxide or What’s On in Abu Dhabi, Miles is your man. *does finger guns*

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Kohinoor Sahota, Online Reporter

Spotted: British woman in Dubai, now looking on the brighter side of life. A sucker for a good story, if you invite Kohinoor to a gallery, comedy night, new restaurant, hiking trip, cycle ride, pool day or just about any activity, preferably with the promise of drinks, she’ll probably say yes – that is if she isn’t busy planning her next adventure.

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Aarti Saundalkar, Junior Online Reporter

A reporter on the hunt for the next big arts and culture event, gallery or museum opening, the next big must-see performance, and more. Ask Aarti about any of these related topics in the UAE and she can probably talk your ear off – or you’ll find her zooming off to learn more about it. She’s currently on a personal mission to learn about masterpieces during the Renaissance period.

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