There’s every chance that visitors to Q43, the new hotspot in Media City, will get sore necks from all the swiveling their heads will do as they take in the incredible 360º views that rival anywhere else in the entire city.

Four months ago, What’s On got a sneak peek at the 43rd floor of the Media One Hotel, and this week we poked our head round the door once again just a few days before it opens the doors to the public. We weren’t disappointed.

When not looking outside at the stunning vistas of The Palm, Dubai Marina, Media City, Burj Al Arab and the Burj Khalifa, guests will be wowed by the New York-style loft décor inside. A restaurant for around 90 diners will serve food from steak to sushi, tapas to tagine, while the bar will do cocktails and your usual favourites. Music will fit the mood and time of day, with everyone from post-work relaxers to late-night party folk catered for.

Football can be shown on Saturdays on discreet screens and there are six unique pool tables imported from France dotted around the place. But let’s be clear, this ain’t no sports bar.

Spencer Hartwell of Q43 says: “How great will it be to have a place that looks a million dollars without getting charged it. We all know Dubai is a place full of so called big names with an attitude to boot, we won’t be one of those. A place that knows your name with a personal touch and great value for money is what we stand for. We may have built it but you guys will make it.”

Q43 opens its doors this Thursday December 19 at 5pm at Office Tower, Media One Hotel, Media City. For more information, visit Facebook.