Six Emirati artists present their take on contemporary art in the third edition of the Emirati Expressions exhibition.

Layla Juma Her Twins collection sees two large geometric sculptures modelled from computer-generated drawings standing side by side, as if mirror images, but not exactly the same.

Abdullah Al Saadi After spending ten years collecting gold pieces, each one is displayed on top of a rock in separate cases. Entitled Naked Sweet Potato, the exhibit explores the role that urbanisation has had on the Emirati way of life.

Ebtisam Abdulaziz She trapped herself inside a large clear plastic ball and, over a few hours, painted the inside of the ball, capturing the process on camera. Both the pictures of the artwork and the painted ball are displayed.

Mohamed Al Mazrouei This series of paintings, categorised as Neo-Expressionist, has references to Christianity. The collection also has human portraits showing haunting expressions and wide-eyed figures.

Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim A great portion of his portfolio is inspired from landscapes, in particular the mountains of Khor Fakkan. Here he presents a digital rendering of a mountain with a large hole in the rock.

Mohammed Kazem A dark room houses a large screen playing a video installation of a moving sea. Meant to give the feeling of being lost, the GPS coordinates of where the two-minute video was shot are displayed.

Until January 18
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