We like our food here at What’s On. So as work assignments go, five days of consuming nothing but fruit and vegetable juices – with the odd soup thrown in – was a break from the norm. A working week without a sniff of a carb and zero caffeine seemed impossible. But, with the reward of a post-detox breakfast of multiple croissants and a large latte looming on the horizon, I signed up.

The juices from Detox Delight arrived packaged in ice with a supply of straws and menus of what we were getting. Some sounded daunting on paper: the broccoli, spinach, cabbage and spirulina combo didn’t fill me with anticipation – but all the drinks were genuinely tasty and the menus were well thought out, with citrus flavours like grapefruit for the morning and more mellow green juices for later in the day. More importantly, they fill you up. Having assumed I would spend five days with a rumbling stomach, I was amazed to find I rarely felt hungry.

The soup, in tasty flavours like spicy beetroot and pear, came with cashew nut cream to thicken it and left me satisfied if not exactly full.

The negative side effects included fatigue, a severely depleted social life at having to decline invitations to restaurants or coffee shops and mild headaches on days one and two. But by the end of the detox I was sleeping better, had more energy, clearer skin and a regained sense of control over my diet.

I even decided against the coffee and croissants reward on day six, opting to follow Detox Delight’s advice and reintroduce ‘normal’ food gradually instead of jumping head first off the wagon. Will this new sense of discipline last? Who knows? But I have bought a juicer.

THE VERDICT: More energy, clearer skin and better sleep… but boring social life, fatigue and headaches.

Detox Delight, Juice And Soup Delight, Dhs1,950 for five days including delivery. Tel: (055) 8835072. detox-delight.ae

Do it yourself JUICEMAKE YOUR OWN from Urban Bistro
If the start of a new year has left you feeling industrious you could always whizz up a tasty juice in your own kitchen. This recipe for The Green from Urban Bistro is packed with nutritious veggies.

Place the following  ingredients in a juicer and blitz
• 250g spinach
• 1 green apple
• 1 cucumber
• 1 celery stick
• ½ lime
• Handful of mint leaves
• 10g ginger

If you’re too lethargic pre-detox to shop, Urban Bistro will deliver a green juice to your door. Other drinks on offer include the Beetroot Detox, the Refresher, and the Berry Smoothie.

Media City, Dubai, Sun to Thur 7am to 10pm, Fri and Sat 9am to 6pm, Dhs24. Tel: (04) 4259333. Metro: Nakheel. urbanbistro.ae