Michael FlatleyThe legendary Lord Of The Dance is coming to Dubai, it has been announced.

The show, which claims on its official website to have been seen by more than 60 million people in 60 different countries on every continent since its inception in 1996, returns to the UAE for the first time in a decade.

The two-day run on March 27-28 will incorporate three shows at the Dubai World Trace Centre, and will cost Dhs250.

For that guests can expect all the energy and excitement which catapulted frontman Michael Flatley into the public limelight in the mid-90s. Originally the star of Riverdance, the dancer split from the show which made him famous and created Lord Of The Dance.

Described as ‘a magical adventure of sight and sound that transports its audience to a mythical time and place, lifting the spirits and capturing the hearts of all who experience it’, the show has smashed records wherever is gone, selling out some of the world’s most iconic venues.

“The traditional style was performed with the upper body quite still and the arms down by the side,” dance director Marie Duffy Pask explains. “The soft shoe for the girls may be considered slightly balletic, but the techniques are different. In the heavy shoe which is performed by both males and females, it sounds like tap, but it’s more powerful and strenuous. Similarly with flamenco, it’s far more intricate in its footwork.”

She adds: “I feel that the success of the show is greatly due to the wonderful young dancers and their dedication. And the energy that they project never fails to bring an audience to its feet.”



For more information, visit lordofthedance.ae