The promotional blurb for Spabike describes it as a “hydro-massage bath with a hydraulic resistance pedalling system and integrated biking system”. Allow us to simplify that for you: it’s an exercise bike in a Jacuzzi.

Spabike is the name of the machine at the forefront of the new fitness and well-being trend that’s hitting Dubai, aquabiking. There are two places to do it in the UAE: here in a private room at the Balance Spa 360 in the Oasis Centre, and at L’Atelier in Al Safa (see below). Aquabiking started in Italy in the 1990s and quickly spread throughout Europe. It’s especially popular in France.

What’s On climbed into the space-age pod and began to pedal. Your upper body stays dry while the lower half is submerged. Spabike is part well-being treatment, part fitness session. Cycling raises the heart rate and burns calories, but powerful water jets under the water’s surface massage the legs to blast cellulite, help reduce water retention and get rid of toxins.

Cycling underwater also, of course, increases the resistance working against your muscles, meaning you have to work harder to push the pedals so you get faster results. And, like cycling on dry land, it’s low impact so it’s good for your joints and a helpful tool in rehab work. The bike is pre-programmed with a series of workouts – all you have to do is climb aboard, strap your feet in and start pedalling. Three sessions of 30 minutes each per week are recommended.

Having tried it, we conclude it’s splashy, splashy fun that is not only a good workout but also makes you feel like a kid having playtime in the bath – sorry, rubber ducks are not included.

Balance Spa 360, Oasis Centre, Dubai, daily 9.30am to 10pm, Dhs180 per session. Tel: (04) 3847010. Taxi: Oasis Centre.