Founder of the legendary Hed Kandi brand and now Fierce Angel, Mark Doyle brings his trademark funky house sound to the decks of Barasti Beach Bar on Thursday March 13. Here’s what he has to say for himself.

“Playing records for people who love music is amazing. But as un-rock ‘n’ roll as it sounds, you have to curb your drinking, hold back and keep one eye on the clock.”

“We don’t for one minute think we are a super cool brand and we don’t rely on superstar DJs, so Fierce Angel is all about the atmosphere and the music and providing an amazing night.”

“There’s always the argument that nothing’s as good as it was in the old days. I say it, my parents say it, and no doubt in ten years time, the clubbers of the day will say it. The only constant in life is things move on and change.”

“In terms of music, styles change and certain things have their moment in the spotlight but great, true soulful house music is always there.”

“When I travel I miss my wife and my three cats. But the call of the dancefloor is too strong to ignore and I find myself on planes at least twice a month.”

“My music echoes all the music I love, and the tracks I compile on Fierce Angel. It’s generally feel-good anthemic house music with great hooks and strong vocals, and at its heart there’s always a great song – whether it’s a cover of a classic track or something I’ve written myself.”

“We’re very careful about how we present the brand live. Sometimes it’s not about the biggest club night but the best crowd and the coolest venue. It’s all about doing what we love and making sure we’re always giving our fans exactly what they want.”

“I’ve always had a complete obsession with music. I was the kid in school with the biggest record collection so I got asked to play at the school discos, and then at the age of 19 I started my own club night with my brother. Music has always been part of my life and I suppose a career involving it was inevitable.”

“I went to my first club night in London and the DJ that night was Pete Tong. I sort of had a religious experience on the dancefloor and wanted to involve myself in this amazing music.”

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Barasti, Le Méridien Mina Seyahi, Dubai. Thursday March 13, 7pm to 3am. Taxi: Barasti.