Mention tap dancing and perhaps you think of an old black and white movie starring Fred Astaire in a tuxedo and Ginger Rogers in a ball gown.

Tap Dogs, the global hit tap dancing show from Australia that is in Dubai right now could not be more different. Six guys in lumberjack shirts and work boots tap dance their way around an industrial stage, building scaffolding, bouncing basketballs and letting sparks fly with metal grinder tools. There’s not a tuxedo in sight. Tap Dogs dancer Chaise Rossiello, from Australia, explains the high-energy show.

Tap Dogs features dancers dancing upside down, metal grinders, sparks and water – sounds dangerous. Ever had any close calls? It could be dangerous, I guess. But we’re really familiar with the set and we’ve never had any injuries. It’s definitely the most unique show I’ve ever been a part of. It keeps everyone on their toes.

What’s the hardest routine you perform in the show? The whole thing! It’s high energy from start to finish. One hour and 20 minutes of running up ladders, running across ramps, pulling ropes and setting up scaffolding. We’re athletes as well as dancers. It’s tough, but the audience pushes us through it.

Watching tap dancing is almost hypnotic – why do you think that is? Tap dancing is not just dance, it’s musical. Tap dancers become a musical instrument and the audience can hear our feet. We’re creating songs and joining in with the music; it’s sort of mesmerising.

How long does a pair of tap shoes last?The steel plates on the bottom of the shoes get replaced every three shows. We’re hitting the metal floor very hard so they wear down quickly.

Do you sometimes find yourself tap dancing while waiting in a queue for the ATM? Yeah, the other day, actually, I was pushing the trolley around the supermarket and I found myself tapping down the aisle without realising I was doing it.

March 5 to 15
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