What’s On interviews Paul McKenna self help supremo for ‘Change Your Life in Two Days’ and ‘Persuasion, Influence and Presentation Skills’ in Dubai.

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Hypnotist and self-help author Paul McKenna will present two shows in Dubai from October 3 to 6, with tickets available on What’s On Box Office.

‘Change Your Life in Two Days’ takes place October 3and 4, followed by ‘Persuasion, Influence and Presentation Skills’ October 6.

The former radio presenter rose to fame in the 1990s with his UK TV show The Hypnotic World of Paul McKenna, in which he hypnotized members of the studio audience for comic effect.

Since then he has published a series of popular self-help books, CDs and DVDs, including I Can Make You Thin, I Can Make You Rich and I Can Make You Happy.

‘Change Your Life in Two Days’ will focus on personal development.

“Success and happiness are not accidents that randomly happen to some people and not others,” McKenna old What’s On. “They are created by certain ways of thinking and acting. I’ll show you how to get more control over your thinking and behaviour.

“This is training in resilience, optimism and the design of your own destiny etc. If you’re feeling a bit down and want to be lifted up, this event is for you.”

The second event ‘Persuasion, Influence and Presentation Skills’ aims to help you convince others, communicate better, gain trust and feel strong in difficult situations.


“I can show you how to put your message across, whether you are a salesperson or a parent trying to convince your kids to go to bed early,” McKenna added. “I’m not teaching you how to manipulate other people. Good communication comes from authenticity”.

In 1996, McKenna received a PhD from LaSalle University, Louisiana. LaSalle University was later exposed as unaccredited and closed down. The principal was sentenced to five years for fraud.

Dubai World Trade Centre, 9am to 6pm each event day, Dhs2,200 per event. paulmckennadubai.com