What’s on has details of a dentist in Dubai that claims he has created the most expensive smile in the world.

A new denture made in Dubai is set to give its owner the world’s most sparkling smile.

Dr Majd Naji, director of Liberty Dental Clinic, which has made the gold denture encrusted with diamonds, said it would certainly take a fair bite out of the owners’ savings.

Valued at over Dhs550,000 the cosmetic frontal denture is expected to receive a certificate from Guinness World Records for the most expensive smile. But don’t expect to see the owner chowing down on a burger with these grills – they are purely a slip-on piece worn for parties and photos and are not to be used for eating.

“When the people of the UAE received the title of world’s happiest people, the clinic thought about making the world’s most expensive smile and to offer parts of the proceeds from it to a UAE children’s charity,” Dr Naji said.

“We acquired authenticity and clarity certificates for the gold and the diamonds used in the denture from the International Gemological Institute in Belgium. Ten grams of pure 24 carat gold were used, in addition to 156 circular 2.5 carat diamonds.”

Reports have claimed that the brace has already been sold to a female UAE customer, with an order already placed by a Qatari customer for a second one.