What’s On has details of the new creatures at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Dubai Mall. Get facts about the Dubai Aquarium Octopus, now at Dubai Mall.

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Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo has unveiled its latest addition to take up residence ­in the mall – a Giant Pacific Octopus.

This is the second new addition to the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo this summer. Earlier in June, one of the world’s largest reptiles, King Croc and his female companion, arrived from Australia to take up residence in a newly built enclosure. At 40 years old, King Croc is a whopping 750kg and over five metres long.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo already houses dwarf African crocodiles, caiman crocodiles, as well as Humboldt penguins, piranhas, giant spider crabs and small claw otters.

Here are eight (see what we did there?!) reasons why you should go and visit their newest recruit:

1. They’re one of the most intelligent invertebrates, able to remember a route through a maze after only a couple of attempts.
2. This tent-e-cool creature could be an animal oracle like Paul the Octopus, who accurately predicted wins throughout the FIFA World Cup 2010.

3. Giant Pacific Octopuses are so flexible, they can fit through a hole the size of a lemon.
4. When an octopus is fleeing danger – after it releases its cloud of ink – it can reach speeds as high as 40km/hr.
5. They’re masters of disguise, able to change colour at will to express mood, comfort levels and intentions to nearby animals.
6. They inspire Bond films.


7. They’re good hunters – they survive mostly on lobsters, clams, shrimp and fish, but have been known to attack sharks and birds. Yikes!
8. They are the go-to villain in Disney movies – think the Kraken in Pirates of the Caribbean and Ursula in The Little Mermaid.