What’s On profiles the return policy of leading brands in the UAE. Find out about the refund policy of H&M, Topshop, Ikea, New Look, Gap, Zara and more.

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Ever exchanged a product only to be left short-changed? Our friends at good delve into the sometimes shady world of retail returns, with some surprising results, from the generous to downright greedy.

1) Check the returns policy before you pay. If you can’t see it advertised at the cash counter, enquire. Polices vary greatly from store to store.
2) No longer want a purchased item but you’ve misplaced the receipt? It’s worth approaching the store manager. Although most shops stipulate that a receipt is required for returns, they may still allow you to exchange the item if it’s in pristine condition and has all of its tags. We witnessed this in Mango, where the policy on the counter states a receipt is necessary.
3) If you buy something through one payment method, don’t expect to get the amount back in another. Most stores stick to the original method of payment.
4) If you received a free gift with your original purchase, you should also expect to return this.
5) For hygiene purposes, don’t consider exchanging jewellery, underwear or swimwear. It simply won’t happen.
6) Faulty electronic goods tend to be the responsibility of the manufacturer rather than retailer, so it may take more time to resolve your issue than with clothing.

Returns policy for shops in the UAEReturns policy for shops in the UAEReturns policy for shops in the UAE

This feature first appeared in ‘good‘ magazine in July 2013.