Put your uniform on, pack your textbooks in your bag and sharpen your pencil, because we’re taking you back to school this month in What’s On. We’ve compiled a package of brilliant classes to do in Dubai that will inform, educate and inspire you. Even better, there’s no threat of getting detention if your efforts fall short. Our classes range from arts and crafts to fitness, from languages to cookery, with a few more thrown in. Take a look and we’re pretty sure you’ll find something that makes you want to go back to school. Now, sit up straight and pay attention.

Continuing the theme of recapturing your youth, we’re inviting you to be a big kid this month with a load of daft, goofy stuff that will make you feel 15 years old again, but without the acne and teen angst we hope. Trampolines, ping pong, space hoppers, water slides, paintballing, and a new attraction in Jumeirah called Challenge Chambers in which you must solve brainteasers, are all waiting for you.

In this very modern city of ours, it’s easy to feel like you’re in 2045. But if you want to return to simpler times check out our piece entitled Timewarp Dubai. You can time travel back to the 1920s, 1950s, 1960s, 1980s and 1990s with a string of activities in Dubai. Which decade is your favourite?

This is a time of year when many push the pause button and detox. We can help with that. We have recipes, expert advice, spa treatments, juicing, and juice plans to help you clean your engine and start afresh.

If, on the other hand, detoxing makes you break you out in a cold sweat, how about ordering a pizza? There are numerous takeaway pizza places in Dubai and we’ve tried and tested the ten best. We rated them on several factors including price, delivery time, flavour, and perhaps most crucially of all, the quality of their crust. See who topped the list for toppings.

Elsewhere, there all the usual restaurant reviews, shopping news, cultural exhibitions and fitness classes. Plus, we have a signed World Cup shirt and football boots from Ghana superstar Asamoah Gyan to be won, as well as dinners, lunches and afternoon teas, and a new set of yoga kit.

Enjoy the issue, and don’t be late for school.

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