What’s On tries out new fitness class in Dubai, 4D PRO ReAction Training in Dubai. Watch video of what is 4D PRO ReAction Training, and learn the benefits.

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Your body is not the only thing that gets a workout at this hip new Business Bay class. Trying to get your mouth around the complicated name and spelling of 4D PRO ReAction Training ensures your tongue is stretched too.

4D PRO ReAction Training (let’s agree to call it ‘the class’ shall we?) is a strength workout that straps you into harnesses and bungee cords suspended from the ceiling. It was designed by a German scientist and has arrived in the Middle East at the GFX exercise studio.

To warm up, we slid our arms into the harnesses and ‘fell’ backwards, using our hips to produce the power. The cords and straps felt strong – phew. Pushups were next, and suddenly our muscles started to burn.

Then, with the harness around our hips, we did some jogging against the cord, looking as if we were running into a strong wind. Still with the harness around our hips, we flipped over and faced the floor in a crouch position, springing forwards and backwards like Spider-Man. Next we did the plank while kicking our legs furiously like a swimmer – that one hurt. Finally, and most fun of all, we sat in the harness and pulled on the cords to bounce up and down, like an excited parachutist coming in to land.

At several points in the 30-minute class, which burns 300 calories and costs Dhs65, we had to unclick buckles and adjust straps to do the next exercise, which slowed down the pace a little and made us feel like we were mountaineering. But afterwards our core and arms felt tight as a drum and the giggles coming from class-goers should tell you this class is elastic fantastic.

Bay Avenue, Executive Towers, Business Bay, Dubai, Sun and Wed 10.30am to 11am, 11am to 11.30am, Dhs65. Tel: (04) 4255940. gfx.ae