What’s On reviews the new in Dubai Hint Hunt in Dubai, at Time Square Centre. The original is top three of Trip Advisor’s Things To Do in London list.

VIDEO: Challenge Chambers
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Did you know that on Trip Advisor’s Things To Do In London list, there’s not a single monument, museum, or West End show ranked in the top three? Instead, you’ll find puzzle houses nabbing the top spots, such is their newfound popularity.

Hint Hunt, which is currently ranked as the third best attraction in London, has already locked down puzzle rooms in Cape Town, Paris and Moscow, and recently set up home in Dubai’s Times Square Centre. Last month, we checked out a similar escape game in Sunset Mall named Challenge Chambers, and Hint Hunt – albeit with a slicker set-up – follows suit.

Without giving too much away, it’s an escape game. Teams of three to five people are locked inside a room while puzzle masters watch your quest via video cameras. Clues to puzzles open up secret drawers and doors, as you try to break free before the time runs out. Should you seem in need of a hint, the puzzle masters will communicate with you from a plasma screen on the wall.

What’s On sent a team to Hint Hunt, but despite our best intentions, and with only one frustrating riddle remaining, we ran out of time. Can someone let us out now please?

Times Square Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, daily 10am to 9pm, Dhs105. Tel: (04) 3212242. Taxi: Times Square Centre. hinthunt.ae