What’s On has a Paul McKenna interview as the writer of I Can Make You Rich, I Can Make You Thin and I Can Make You Happy, brings his seminar to Dubai.

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Radio presenter-turned-hypnotist Paul McKenna made his name in the UK as host of 1990s TV show The Hypnotic World Of Paul McKenna. He then penned a series of self-help books, including best-selling titles such as I Can Make You Rich, I Can Make You Thin and I Can Make You Happy.

He brings his powerful method of positive thinking to Dubai with two seminars…

Who are your shows for? ‘Change Your Life In Two Days’ is for anyone and everyone no matter where you are in your life. If you’re feeling a bit down and want to be lifted up, or you feel your life is in good shape but want it to be even better, this event is for you. The second event, ‘Persuasion, Influence And Presentation Skills’, will show you how to put your message across, whether you are a salesperson or a parent trying to convince your kids to go to bed early.

What will people gain from your shows? I’ll show you how to get more control over your thinking and behaviour. Success and happiness are not accidents that randomly happen to some people and not others. They are created by certain ways of thinking and acting. Persuasion, Influence And Presentation Skills will help you convince others, communicate better, gain trust and feel strong in difficult situations.

What is your knowledge based on? Over the years, I’ve worked with high achievers, from sports, the arts, and business. Many have similar ways of thinking that affect how they feel, how they behave, and the results they get in the world. I’ve also researched all kinds of therapies. I took the bits I liked and made hybrids of them. I’m standing on the shoulders of giants.

What is the most common anxiety you encounter in others? Public speaking is the biggest phobia in the world.

What are your own anxieties? Right now I have a broken arm and need an operation – I’m a bit nervous about that. Also, I used to bite my fingernails but then I put myself into a hypnotic trance and talked to my unconscious. I said, “You’ve done this since you were a child as a way to concentrate, but there are other ways to concentrate.”


Who do you turn to for advice? I offer myself advice if I can, but that’s like trying to massage your own back, or doing your own dentistry. It’s better to have someone looking at you from the outside. I can turn to Richard Bandler [founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming], Michael Neil [life coach] or Genpo Roshi [zen master]. Big changes can come from small observations by people who know what they’re doing.

Have you helped any celebrities with their anxieties? When [British comedian] David Walliams swam the English Channel [for charity], I told him to watch his favourite movies in his head to make the time pass during the swim, or think of things that make him feel good to generate endorphins and overcome the pain. Helping Ellen DeGeneres to quit smoking was also a very moving experience.

Was it an easy transition from comedy hypnosis shows to writing self-help books? I went as far I could with the hypnosis shows. Simon Cowell once said to me, “Do you want to be an entertainer, or do you want to be taken more seriously?” So I began writing self-help books. I get more of a kick out of that.

October 31 and November 1
Change Your Life In Two Days, Dhs2,200

November 3
Persuasion, Influence And Presentation Skills, Dhs3,900

Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, 9am to 6pm. Tel: (04) 4273000. Metro: World Trade Centre. paulmckennadubai.com,