What’s On has news of a Night Souk on Deira Islands – set to become one of the biggest tourist hotspots in Dubai. Plus, five of the best night markets.

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There’s nothing like shopping a bustling local market after dark and soon the new Night Souk on Deira Islands will become one of the biggest tourist hotspots in Dubai. 

Stretching 1.9 km along Deira Islands’ waterfront, the Night Souk – a modern twist on a traditional Arabic souk – will include 5,000 shops 96 quayside cafes and restaurants and is speculated to open mid 2017. It is one of several new attractions at Deira Islands, located on the south island, just across from mainland Dubai.

Leasing has now begun for retailers and restaurants at the Night Souk and it seems that local entrepreneurs are keen to get in on opportunity.

Interest in the Night Souk, particularly from the Emirati population, has been very high according to the Dubai property developer Nakeel, with the average 170 sq metre shop costing Dh55,000 per year to lease. The property developer is keen to attract more independent brands to the Night Souk rather than the international brands readily available at the malls – a sure-fire point of differentiation.

Deira Islands - how it will look

“It will promote local business, serve hundreds of thousands of residents living on and around Deira Islands and act as a major attraction for Dubai’s growing number of annual tourists,” said Ali Rashid Lootah, the chairman of Nakheel. “Deira is the original trading hub of the city, where buyers and sellers from all over the world converge to do business. The Night Souk will serve to extend these traditional commercial activities by significantly boosting trading opportunities in the area known as Old Dubai.”

Comprising four islands, Deira Islands will add 40 km, including 21 km of beachfront, to Dubai’s coastline and pave the way for the development of hundreds of new hotels, serviced apartments, mixed-use buildings and residential waterside projects.

Other attractions will include Deira Islands Mall; an amphitheatre for 30,000 people; and a marina that can accommodate large yachts.

Five of the world’s best night markets

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Marrakech Night Market, Morocco

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Ningxia Night Market, Taipei, Taiwan

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Barranco Night Market, Lima, Peru

4. Temple Street Night Market, Hong Kong

Temple Street Night Market, Hong Kong

5. Suzuki Night Market, Melbourne, Australia

Suzuki Night Market, Melbourne, Australia