What’s On previews Party In The Park market stalls, featuring boutiques like adidas Originals, West LA and more at the coolest new music festival in Dubai.

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The Hype Village at Party In The Park will be a bustling community of everything we consider great, good, gorgeous and a little bit out-there – just the way we like it. Here’s a peek at what you can expect… from eye-popping demonstrations to cool market stalls and fun and games.

Here, we profile those taking part…

Harriet Slade
Trading as: Hair Extraordinaire  

What are you selling? Amazing hairstyles, of course.
Your unique selling point? I cater for the struggling blondes in Dubai; not neglecting the rest of you.
How long have you been doing that? Seven years.
Favourite service? Colouring and styling.
Why should we swing by your stall? For a good old chat, to get your hair fixed and maybe some other treats along the way.
More at: Instagram @harrietsladehair

Paul Davies & Simon Atkinson
Trading as: Glowfish

What are you selling? LED and glow products for people to wear to enhance their festival experience.
Your unique selling point? We’re a one-stop shop for all LED and glow products in Dubai, selling fun novel items to safety products for runners, cyclists and motorists.
How long have you been doing that? Glowfish has been trading for about 18 months.
Favourite piece? We love all our products as they all add to the ambiance of an event.
Why should we swing by your stall? Join in the party and light yourself up. Be part of the festival wow factor!
More at: glowfish-uae.com and facebook.com/glowfish.uae

Clare Napper
Trading as: Highlife Dubai

What are you selling? Affordable vintage-style advertising prints to brighten up your home.
Your unique selling point? They are tongue-in-cheek insights into expat life here in Dubai and slightly more meaningful souvenirs than you might find in most tourist shops.
How long have you been making those? For the past year. I’ve been doing them in my spare time around other design work.
Favourite piece? Probably the ad selling ‘Chill Pills for attacks of EPR’. EPR stands for ‘expat rage’, which is a serious condition out here; I’ve seen it strike many times.
Why should we swing by your stall? Because it’s coming up to Christmas and these prints make ideal pressies for friends and family. Come and look, get a flyer and buy one online later.
More at: highlife-dubai.com and facebook.com/highlifedubaiart

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Party In The Park, Hype Village - Highlife Dubai

Olga Zuko
Trading as: Zaika

What are you selling? Zaika is a Dubai-based fashion label that produces T-shirts and sweaters for both men and women. Also, we represent a few other brands in our Zaika Shop, like August 5, with its leather accessories and bags.
Your unique selling point? Zaika is inspired by music, offbeat trends, urban philosophy and a certain casual persona.
How long have you been doing that? The brand has been operational since May, but it’s already a regular feature in the Almaty Pop-up Shop, Kazakhstan, has showcased at Bon Ton in Croatia and most recently at Sunday Showroom in Dubai.
Favourite piece? The ‘rebel love’ collection of T-shirts and hoodies with an illustrative rebel. And a backpack with extended stripe from August 5.
Why should we swing by your stall? Zaika designs for the everyday spontaneity of individuals. If you’re looking for the ‘unintentional’ trend, you’ll find it at our stall.
More at: zaikashop.tumblr.com and on Instagram @zaika_shop

Party In The Park, Hype Village - Zaika

Olivia Middleton
Trading as: Lola Designs

What are you selling? Turbans, turbans and more turbans.
Your unique selling point? I take time sourcing unique prints to use.
How long have you been making those? About one year.
Favourite piece? I work with a few Alexander Henry prints. I love his style, he works with skulls a lot. I’m a bit of a sucker for a skull.
Why should we swing by your stall? I don’t tend to follow the crowd so you will always find a way to hide that bad hair day with something that reflects your personality at my stall.
More at: facebook.com/LolaDesigns 

Analog Room
Trading as: Analog Room Store

What are you selling? Analog Room T-shirts and vinyl from some of our partner record labels, like Volt Music and Ark To Ashes, plus we’ll be giving away USB sticks with music from Analog Room and info about upcoming gigs.
Your unique selling point? It was requested by Analog Room fans.
How long have you been doing that? It’s our second time.
Favourite piece? The Analog Room T-shirts in different models.
Why should we swing by your stall? Pick up some good music and your Analog Room T-shirt.
More at: facebook.com/analogroomdxb

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Chloe Bosher
Trading as: Dot Your Teas

What are you selling? Flower headbands and colourful stone jewellery.
Your unique selling point? Everything is handmade. I only make one of each flower headband so all are different.
How long have you been making those? I started Dot Your Teas, selling at markets and events, after I graduated in 2009, and I started the flower headbands line in April.
Favourite piece? All the large headpieces I make.
Why should we swing by your stall? For original, handmade, colourful on-trend pieces that’ll make you stand out from your friends and will add that wow factor to any outfit and disguise any bad hair day.
More at: facebook.com/pages/Dot-your-Ts-and-cross-your-Is

Party In The Park, Hype Village - Dot Your Teas

Karen Virk & Georgina Rawa
Trading as: Monroe & Me

What are you selling? Graphic tees, tops and jackets as well as jewellery and accessories that can be added additions to an outfit. Ideally, everything that is easy to carry around with you whilst dancing the night away.
Your unique selling point? Limited edition pieces at great prices. We have a combination of established brands and designers who are new to the region and constantly seek out undiscovered talent for our collections.
How long have you been doing that? We’ve been living the dream for seven months with new lines coming in every couple of weeks.
Favourite piece? It has to be co-ordinating sets. We can’t get enough of them and they are so versatile. Wear them together or mix and match with alternative pieces to make a completely new outfit.
Why should we swing by your stall? To check out a snapshot of our collection so you can see the quality and mix of brands we have on offer.
More at: monroeandme.com and facebook.com/monroeandme

Melissah Russo
Trading as: Lady Mauve

What are you selling? Handmade jewellery, kimono jackets and lots of lovely bohemian trinkets.
Your unique selling point? I design and hand make jewellery that is unique and limited. I also love to chat about the design process.
How long have you been making those? Four years.
Favourite piece? Them all. When you put lots of time and love into each piece of jewellery, it’s hard to let them go, but they always end up going to the right people.
Why should we swing by your stall? To grab a one-off jewellery piece that is rare to find in Dubai.
More at: facebook.com/byladymauve

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Party In The Park, Hype Village - Lady Mauve

Hannah-Lisa Ostrowicz
Trading as: Hannah-Lisa Makeup

What are you selling? I’m beautifying the world with my make-up brushes.
Your unique selling point? I have experience across the globe in various different areas of make-up artistry.
How long have you been doing that? For five years.
Favourite service? Anything to do with glitter or special effects and I’m happy.
Why should we swing by your stall? Come and see me if you fancy a mini makeover or some funky festival facepaint.
More at: hannahlisamakeup.com and facebook.com/hannahlisamua 

Ludmila Kazantseva
Trading as: J&L Art Studio

What are you selling? Body art including temporary tattoos, henna tattoos and face painting.
Your unique selling point? I love painting; it’s like a spiritual journey.
How long have you been doing that? I’ve been an artist for nine years and a body painter for four years.
Favourite service? All of them.
Why should we swing by your stall? Because our work is lovely.
More at: facebook.com/glittertattoobodyartindubaimarina

Trading as: Stash

What are you selling? Handmade love and accessories – clutches, bangles, rings, pins, etc.
Your unique selling point? Genuine, quirky and affordable pop-art designs.
How long have you been making those? I’ve spent years cooking up the great ideas; but in Dubai from March 2014.
Favourite piece? Each and every piece is handmade with care and passion, but I love the Happybots – they’re always different, adorable and tell their own story.
Why should we swing by your stall? Because you want to see nice things that people have been rating as “fabulous”, “fascinating”, “original” and “adorable”.
More at: facebook.com/stash.dubai

Party In The Park, Hype Village - Stasha

Hind Adib
Trading as: Hind Adib Designer And Accessory Maker

What are you selling? Two handmade unisex accessory collections. One is made from bullets and represents strength and independence, and the other one revolves around special secret stones that represent the beauty of the humble things in life.
Your unique selling point? With my accessories, I like to offer stories that people can relate to, not just items. Each collection is inspired by certain life events.
How long have you been making those? I’ve been making accessories for a couple of years as a hobby, but I’ve decided to share it with everyone else.
Favourite piece? The stones collection. Each stone carries so many secrets, strength and individual beauty.
Why should we swing by your stall? Both of the collections hold stories you might relate to. The stones in my new collection come from a very special place on earth and carry a lot of significant secrets.
More at: hindsworld.com and facebook.com/Hind.Adib.Fashion.And.Photography

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Ricky Simpson
Trading as: The Remy Rue Store

What are you selling? Exclusive menswear clothing, carefully selected from locations around the world
Your unique selling point? Our clothing is not readily available in high street stores or shopping malls in the UAE.
How long have you been doing that? We launched our online store in March and later opened our retail store on Jumeirah Beach Road, in collaboration with D.tales.
Favourite piece? The Razor – a slim fit jean, carefully cut and finished to represent a contemporary take on the timeless and iconic five- pocket jean.
Why should we swing by your stall? Style is about individuality and creativity. If you share this belief then swing by.
More at: remyrue.com and facebook.com/remyruestore

Klara Urban
Trading as: Klara Urban

What are you selling? iPhone cases and Mac skins.
Your unique selling point? Unique designs inspired by and featuring Dubai and the rest of the UAE.
How long have you been making those? About a year.
Favourite piece? The Lawrence Of Jumeirah iPhone 5 case.
Why should we swing by your stall? You should not miss out if you’re the kind of person looking for one of a kind product.
More at: urbanklara.com

Mel Pickup
Trading as: Retro Eccentric

What are you selling? Retro remade clothing, quirky art prints and eccentric homeware.
Your unique selling point? I’ll be selling creatively different clothing and art prints for an affordable price. Be different, be retro, be retro eccentric.
How long have you been making those? I’ve been creating art pieces for the last ten years, and have held exhibitions at various galleries around Dubai. I’ve been wanting to expand and create a lifestyle brand that’s totally kooky, retro and a little bit eccentric, using elements of my artwork to create clothing and houseware but also re-igniting that little designer in me to customise vintage clothing to create something ‘retro eccentric’.
Favourite piece? I love everything.
Why should we swing by your stall? The Retro Eccentric brand launches properly in December so this is a sneak preview.
More at: facebook.com/retroeccentric 

Party In The Park, Hype Village - Retro Eccentric

Hannah Swales
Trading as: The Hotbox Kit

What are you selling? Fitness apparel for fabulous and feisty females.
Your unique selling point? A huge collection of brands to suit all shapes.
How long have you been doing that? Nearly a year.
Favourite piece? The red heart butt leggings teamed with the dark leopard top. Totally fierce!
Why should we swing by your stall? Have a bit of a gossip and leave feeling great.
More at: thehotboxkit.com

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May Ali
Trading as: Grab That Unicorn

What are you selling? Bespoke kimonos for women and little ones.
Your unique selling point? The materials I use are all imported from India, Korea, Sri Lanka, Italy and other countries. Everything is handmade and I only sell a few kimonos per design.
How long have you been making those? Three months.
Favourite piece? The burgundy snake print with white tassels is my favourite piece. It’s called Who Dat.
Why should we swing by your stall? Statement pieces can turnaround a plain outfit. My kimono will be your statement piece.
More at: grabthatunicorn.com and facebook.com/GrabThatUnicorn 

Jeric Rodriguez
Trading as: Dumb Drop Clothing Co

What are you selling? I sell T-shirts with bombs on ’em… figuratively and politically, of course.
Your unique selling point? By purchasing a top-notch quality tee you’re helping my mission to spread the T-shirt subculture here in the UAE, and at the same time promoting messages of anti-hate and anti-violence via my shirts.
How long have you been making those? I launched my brand around October 2013.
Favourite piece? The ‘War-Spangled’ T-shirt.
Why should we swing by your stall? First off, I sell my products at a very affordable price. And second, I might offer some giveaways.
More at: dumbdrop.bigcartel.com


Flow Events Skate Ramp
Champions of all things extreme and, well, fun, the lovely lads at Flow Events have pitched up a mini skate-ramp in the Hype Village. And we’ve invited some of Dubai’s finest skaters along for some serious shredding. It’ll make you wish you’d stuck at it! floweventsme.com

Against GraviTi
The Against GraviTi guys really do defy the law of gravity with their incredible street workout tricks. This group is all about promoting body movement – and they do that in spades. We’ve seen them run up walls – no kidding! Think parkour but with a twist. Started recently here in Dubai, the Against GraviTi crew have weekly jams in and around town, and the master plan is to build up the street workout community in the city and host championship tournaments in the near future. But you don’t have to already be an athlete to take the first steps on your street workout journey. The Against GraviTi crew is a friendly bunch who’d love to introduce you – gently – to this amazing sport. Catch their freestyle demonstrations at the Hype Village and learn more about how you can get involved. facebook.com/AgainstGraviTi  

Party In The Park, Hype Village - Against Graviti

West L.A. Boutique
The Hype crew could spend all of our salary on the fab range of clothes available at West L.A. Boutique. An undisputed gem in Dubai’s fashion scene, it stocks effortlessly cool clothing from a range of hip designers and labels in its Sunset Mall store. Labels include Dimepiece, Petals & Peacocks, Mink Pink and Finders Keepers for her and A Question Of, Junkfood, Boy London and Cheap Monday for him. Prepare for an attack of the “must-haves” when the store team brings a specially selected range to sell at the Hype Village. And try your hand at the West L.A. Boutique Beer Pong Challenge – it’s not as easy as it looks! westlaboutique.com

Party In The Park, Hype Village - West LA

adidas Originals
You’ll be forgiven for feeling a bit Alice In Wonderland when you see the giant adidas Originals ‘shoe box’. Get up close to the brand’s super cool Stan Smith, ZX Flux and Superstar trainers and check out their range of Rita Ora and Pharrell Williams apparel. As well as super slick sneakers and clobber, our pals at adidas Originals are also ramping up the fun factor with table tennis and a fussball table. If you’re feeling a little less competitive, pop into the brand’s photobooth and have your picture taken in adidas Originals branded frames. Be sure to sign up to their database on the day to receive a special gift too. adidas.com

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