What’s On gets last minute marathon advice from Olympic legend Halie Gebrselassi. Get tips and expert advice ahead of the Dubai Marathon. 

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Are you, like our Uncool Runners, gearing up for the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon? Whether you’re lacing up for the fun run, the 10K or the full 26.2 miles, here are some useful nuggets from, among others, long distance  running’s most famous son, Haile Gebrselassi.

The Olympic legend is in town and What’s On grabbed a few minutes with him down on the newly-opened Jumeirah Corniche running track.


Rest as much as you can
Go to bed early. Even if you don’t asleep straight away, just lie down and rest your body. When you wake up, make sure you eat foods that your body will use quickly. I also have tea with sugar – no milk though! You don’t want to have milk before a race.

Stay hydrated
Make sure you drink enough water. This is crucial. Try and have a few sips at every water station along the course.

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Eat right the night before
You should have been eating pretty well in the build up to the race, so stick to those good habits. You’ve probably heard of carbing up, but this is not an excuse to wolf down a whole pizza. Enjoy a carbohydrate rich healthy meal with protein, such as chicken and pasta. This goes without saying, but stay away from any junk foods high in fat and sugar, and avoid alcohol.

Go easy on your body
Avoid any vigorous massage or foam rolling the night before the race, as it could leave your muscles quite sore and tender. Instead, consider booking in for a sports massage to help you with your post-race recovery.


Avoid stress by being organised
Make sure you’ve picked up your race pack and have all your kit laid out the night before – what you’re going to wear, your bib, your fuel, and so on. Also, work out how you’re going to get to the start of the race – don’t leave it until the day itself. Factor in traffic, taxis and road closures.

Don’t forget to enjoy the day
It’s easy to get overwhelmed by it all – just relax, take it all in and trust in your training.