What’s On has marathon training tips ahead of Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2015. Get tapering tips from a personal trainer in Dubai.

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The Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2015 jogs into town on January 23. If, like us, you’ve been training to take on 26.2 miles, these final weeks are all about “tapering” – runner-speak for gradually cutting down your mileage to leave your body rested and ready for the big day. Personal trainer Lee Ryan gives us his tips for a successful taper.

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Don’t stress about the lower mileage
After spending so much time building up your distance, it might feel weird and counterintuitive to be cutting back. Relax. You need to run less now to allow your body to heal from the weeks of training. You won’t lose your fitness, and you’ll get to the starting line stronger.

Nourish your body
By now, you should understand that training for a marathon means more early nights and fewer brunches, ladies’ nights, and happy hours. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein. Your nutrition during these final weeks can make or break your race.

Get a good night’s sleep
Getting enough sleep is key to recovery, so make sure that your bedroom is a restful haven. Keep it dark, ban electronics and stop checking your Facebook before bed.

Look after yourself
Dubai’s “work hard, play hard” lifestyle might have you burning the candle at both ends, but now is not the time to burn out. Rest your body, and avoid unnecessary stress, even if that means turning down invitations. You can celebrate properly once that medal’s around your neck.