What’s On has video of dancing skydivers in Dubai that has gone viral. Published on GoPro official YouTube, it shows skydiving over The Palm.

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An incredible video of a skydiving dance routine shot over the Palm Jumeirah has gone viral, receiving almost 300,000 views in its first four days online.

Released on the official GoPro YouTube channel, the 80-second footage shows jumpers Aleksander and Mikhael in tandem as they plummet towards the ground.

The effortless of their moves, which include flips, twists and even making contact with one another on several occasions, are quite at odds with the 120kph speeds they reach.

Dancing skydiving over The Palm

It is not the first time Dubai has been used as the backdrop to sky high stunts. In December, footage emerged from Jetman Dubai (Yves Rossy), an ex fighter pilot from Switzerland, using jet-propelled wings in tandem with a light aeroplane.

The release of the video also comes at a time when ‘X Dubai’ sculptures have been popping up across town. Appearing both in front of The Greens by Sheikh Zayed Road and also on World Trade Centre roundabout, the giant yellow ‘X’ represents a company that calls itself ‘an ambassador for action sports’ in the UAE.

The group were also behind the infamous Burj Khalifa basejump video. In April 2013, the world’s tallest building – which stands at 828m – saw Soul Flyers World Champions Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen break the Guinness World Record for the ‘highest base jump from the tallest building in the world’ when they took flight from a three-metre platform protruding from the very top.

X Dubai are also supporting the upcoming Spartan Race in Dubai, which takes place on February 20, and have previously aligned with the Flyboard World Cup.