What’s On visits the House Of Colour consultancy to ‘find your colour’. Find out about House Of Colour at Al Reef Villas in Abu Dhabi.

Ever been told ‘that’s your colour’ when it comes to your wardrobe choices? If not, the Abu Dhabi-based House Of Colour could help. The fashion consultancy company aims to get customers to hear those words every single day.

The company hosts analysis classes, where applicants can find the right tones to flatter their skin colour. Whether you have cool, blue-based tones or warm, yellow ones, you’ll find the right cross-section, or ‘season’, of hues to wear. After you’ve discovered what category you are – Autumn, Winter, Summer or Spring – you’ll receive a colour wallet with 36 swatches you are allowed to wear, and in what degree. From head-to-toe looks or 100 per cent matches, to small accessory-sized matches in the 25 per cent category, the guidelines are incredibly thorough, if a bit restrictive.

“Sometimes people are reluctant to have their colours done because they fear they might be told they can’t wear a certain colour, but it is just about getting them in the right shade,” says South African Sam Logan, above, personal image consultant for House Of Colour Abu Dhabi. “We work out which colours make your skin tone look healthy, even and bright. Someone wearing the wrong colours can make skin look blotchy, tired or dull.”

The UK-based franchise also has its own branded make-up and the class does feature a quick lesson for ladies on the right blushers, lipsticks and glosses to wear according to your season. Each session lasts two hours and is hosted in Logan’s showroom or at the client’s home.

House Of Colour, Al Reef Villas, Abu Dhabi, Dhs750. Tel: (050) 1522161. Taxi: Al Reef Villas. Houseofcolour.co.uk/kirstyvolpe